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Why You Should Break Up with Coffee

Why You Should Break Up with Coffee

Crystal Sexton Poates, Staff Reporter April 19, 2023

Whenever I see fellow students rushing to class clutching an energy drink, I wonder, “Why?” Or, whenever they are gulping one as if their lives depend on it, “Is it necessary?” I am skeptical....

Energy drinks lead to monster problem

IUS Horizon April 1, 2012
Rockstar, 5 Hour Energy, Redbull, Full Throttle, Monster and Amp — these products can be seen in students’ hands and vending machines all over campus. Energy in a can is now a common weapon for college students attempting to conquer late nights and final exams. Students can finally see the end to the school year. Unfortunately, this also means more pressure on students struggling to find time to make ends meet before grades are final.
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