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IUS professor appointed to Yale as curator

IUS Horizon September 21, 2009
Yale University has appointed IU Southeast professor of biology, David Taylor, as curator for their Peabody Museum due to his contributions of rare cretaceous plants and research on flowering plant fossils.

Biology lecturer promotes field

IUS Horizon November 22, 2008
With a passion for teaching science and love of sharing knowledge, Susan Reigler, visiting lecturer in biology, has a goal to create a new type of enthusiasm for her students with regard to biology and its effects on society.

The Backroom Conspiracy diverse

IUS Horizon October 25, 2008
Stu Vallentine, marketing sophomore, and Chris Vessels, computer graphic junior, both work full time jobs, attend school full time and play in a local band called The Backroom Conspiracy.

Instructor loves music, French

IUS Horizon October 18, 2008
Nicolas Fortin is an adjunct French instructor at IU Southeast who is giving back to the New Albany and Louisville community through his passion for music and his love for the French language and Francophone culture.

Fall Festival draws record crowds

IUS Horizon October 11, 2008
The IUS Fall Festival kicked off Harvest Homecoming with record breaking numbers of 3,000-4,000 people.

Penthouse Party familiarizes students with centers

IUS Horizon October 4, 2008
IU Southeast held a penthouse party Sept. 17 and 18, to help students become more familiar with the Academic Success Center, Adult Student Center and Center for Mentoring.

IUS Rocks the Vote

IUS Horizon October 4, 2008
Brooke LaBarbera , from MTV’s Real World, came to IU Southeast to discuss the presidential election and political issues on Thursday, Sept. 25.

IU cracks down on illegal file sharing

IUS Horizon September 20, 2008
If students are caught file sharing, the consequences can range from large fines to permanently losing the privilege to access the IUS network via personal computer.

Wind damage photos

IUS Horizon September 16, 2008

Click Here for Photo SlideshowPhotos by Erica Sellers

Remains of Ike damage IUS campus

IUS Horizon September 16, 2008
A combination of Hurricane Ike and a cold front from Canada created tornado force winds which hit IU Southeast Sunday afternoon causing catastrophic damage to the Life Science building; IUS grounds; the Activities Building and minor damage to Crest View and the Library.

Hillside’s leaking

IUS Horizon September 4, 2008
After 15 years of leaking roofs on the IUS campus and requests from Bloomington to the state for Repair and Rehabilitation funding for roof repairs, Hillside Hall, Physical Science and the Activities buildings will have new roofs in place by the end of the year.
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