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Freshman 15: How to cope with stress

IUS Horizon

November 14, 2010

Being a college student is more than working on courses to find the right career. It means learning to juggle exercise, work, classes and socializing while managing stress. While stress has been covered at IU Southeast in Student Program Council events and Common Experience sessions, many students are...

Beating the couch potato: Battling the Freshman 15

IUS Horizon

October 19, 2010

Being a college freshman can mean many things including living away from home, classes and the ability to do absolutely nothing but video games. Most of all, it’s the freedom to make decisions. Yet, this new phase of a college student’s life most often lacks the second most important factor of the Freshman 15 — exe...

Munchie mania: Battling the Freshman 15

IUS Horizon

October 3, 2010

Weight gain is a problem that nearly every American battles at some point in their lives. However, even with all the weight loss campaigns, the average college student fails to realize there is a growing problem with weight gain for their age group or feel they have no reason to worry. “I’ve been...

No fond farewell included below

IUS Horizon

April 18, 2010

In the past, it’s been a Horizon tradition to write a farewell column and remember certain events that happened during our time as editors. I’m breaking ranks and refusing to write such a column. No, I think it’s time to write a hello column. Hello, my name is Grace Stamper, and I’m preparing t...

Hotter than a sex scandal

IUS Horizon

March 14, 2010

Newspaper fans, trash cans full of water bottles and that lingering body-odor smell from hundreds of sweaty bodies can only add up to one thing. Overly hot buildings on campus. As long as I’ve been attending IU Southeast, the buildings are always too hot or too cold, and I still fail to see a good ...

College attractions, discounts not great

IUS Horizon

February 21, 2010

The Green Tree 10 movie theater has been gone for months now, Kentucky Kingdom is being sold off piece-by-piece and won’t be around this summer. Let us hold a moment of silence in honor of our beloved venues that have passed on. Now, I’ve heard it time and time again — What is there cheap to do ar...

Colophon for Jan. 25, 2010

IUS Horizon

February 6, 2010

The following is a list of items and people that help put The Horizon together. 1. Jimmy John’s. 2. Las Vegas Musical Clock. 3. 4. Mama Dever’s cinnamon bread. 5. One black belt in Shaolin karate. Read More »...

Positive contributors deserve working tech

IUS Horizon

February 5, 2010

It’s been a long time coming. Our trusty printer, recently dubbed “wheezy” by me, has hit the age where everything creaks and groans in protest. There are times when only one page might print and, if you need more, it sometimes takes quite a bit of abuse to coerce everything into submission. After attempting...

The Crestview Doughnut

IUS Horizon

November 17, 2009

Approximately five years ago, the students in Crestview, room 209, got a treat. This is the kind of treat that you can look at but not touch, quite literally. On the ledge outside the window of room 209, some idiot tossed a perfectly good chocolate doughnut. I first saw the doughnut in fall of 2008, ...

Information deficiency

IUS Horizon

October 26, 2009

In my first column at the beginning of the semester, I touched on a few topics around campus that were bothering me. One of the problems I mentioned was the hideous typographical errors made on the Campus Calendar. While it may not bother the small percentage of people that actually view the calendar, it bo...

Reel traditions

IUS Horizon

October 3, 2009

Every year about this time I start thinking about the upcoming holiday season. It all starts with Halloween and doesn’t end until New Year’s Day. Most of the holidays I do enjoy and with their approach every year they bring a fond memory of family movie nights and gatherings. For the remainder...

Turn it up. rock on

IUS Horizon

October 1, 2009

I love music. It’s my lifeline to everything. It’s my way to cheer up, vent, calm down or just simply to relax and unwind. Compared to the alternative silence of my apartment or the junk that is displayed on TV lately, I prefer the tunes that relate to me. However, it seems with the evolution of iP...