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Don't forget the tip

IUS Horizon April 2, 2009

Sometimes when it feels like the world is out to get you, it really is. I am much older than the majority of people reading this. Not every person, but most. I graduated High School in 1990. Western...

Grenadiers win over Trojans in first game of doubleheader

IUS Horizon March 13, 2009

The IUS baseball team defeated Taylor University in the first game of a doubleheader on March 6 at the Koetter Sports Baseball Complex by a score of 9-4. After losing their first five games, the Grenadiers...

Grenadiers’ six-game winning streak ended by Taylor University Trojans

IUS Horizon March 13, 2009

Taylor University snapped the Grenadiers’ six-game winning streak by defeating them 6-4 in the second game of a double-header on March 6 at the Koetter Sports Baseball Complex. The Trojans avoided...

Football: new American pastime

IUS Horizon February 21, 2009

Baseball is a tremendous sport to go and see live with your wife and kids or a few buddies.  Actually being at a game lets you reminisce about when we were young playing the same game.  Those of us...

The fool at the table

IUS Horizon November 8, 2008

There is a fool at every table, and if you can’t find them, then it is probably you. That is an interesting poker analogy, but it is fun to broaden that to everyday life. And better yet, you can substitute...

You're wrong

IUS Horizon October 11, 2008

If my aunt had balls, she would be my uncle. Well she doesn’t, and isn’t, and that would be only one of the things you would be wrong about. There is some freak of a thing that used to be called Tracy...

Editors Roundtable 09-15-08

IUS Horizon September 13, 2008

[youtube=] The Horizon editors discuss media saturation.

Editors Roundtable 09-08-08

IUS Horizon September 13, 2008

[youtube=] The Horizon editors discuss the media coverage of Sarah Palin.

My vote doesn’t count

IUS Horizon September 13, 2008

I am voting for John McCain. If you are too, that’s great. I honestly don’t give a crap who or why you are voting for whomever you are voting for. I really hate election time. The endless commercials...

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