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Melissa Fry, assistant professor of sociology and director of the Applied Research and Education Center at IU Southeast, tells a story about one of her clients who lost everything as Annell Lough, outreach advisor for the Center for Women and Families, and another attendee listen.

Mental Health and Wellness Series event tackles issues of homelessness and mental illness

Samuel Voyles, Contributing Writer March 13, 2016

Homelessness and mental health are issues that can affect communities. March’s Mental Health and Wellness Series event focused on those issues. The event, called “Disenfranchisement in the U.S.,”...


Marisa Gartland, Staff October 21, 2014

What is the power behind a single dollar? It can buy a one day parking pass on campus, maybe even a pack of gum. Without much thought, you’d probably give it to a friend short on cash and never worry...

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