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SGA members kick off new election season

IUS Horizon March 11, 2012
The Student Government Association unanimously approved Bill 49-16 “Allocation of Funds – New Microwaves” at its Feb. 23 meeting, which sets aside $500 to purchase three new microwaves for the Commons. Jennifer Reichert, international studies and business sophomore, SGA senator and the bill’s co-sponsor, said she believed the approval of the bill would improve the wait-time for microwaves and shows the student body the SGA takes students’ concerns seriously. Josh Kornberg, communications senior and SGA president, reported that the Physical Plant should be installing new outlets for the microwaves within the next two weeks.

SGA addresses OMS system

IUS Horizon February 26, 2012
The Student Government Association moved forward with its plan to address the shortage of working microwaves on campus at their Feb. 23 meeting. Jennifer Reichert, international studies sophomore and SGA senator, and Matt Owen, political studies junior and SGA senate chair, introduced a bill that would allocate SGA budget money for the purchase of three new microwaves. The bill would set aside $500 for the purchase of the microwaves, including $250 originally intended to be spent on the Homecoming bonfire.

SGA motions for microwaves

IUS Horizon February 20, 2012
The Student Government Association held its weekly meeting on Feb. 21 in University Center South. The majority of the 19 minutes of the meeting consisted of a follow-up from Josh Kornberg, communications senior and SGA president, on the working projects of the SGA. The main topic of conversation was adding additional microwaves to The Commons. Currently, The Commons have two microwaves, one of which is frequently out of service. The SGA has been working with Physical Plant to add three additional microwaves.

SGA searches for campus traditions

IUS Horizon February 13, 2012
The Student Government Association is following through on one of its goals to increase student retention through campus pride. Matt Owen, political science junior and SGA senate chair, announced at the SGA meeting on Feb. 9 that he is searching for a campus tradition to unite IU Southeast. This tradition could be a historic tradition that has fallen out of practice or a tradition that still exists but has not been well publicized.
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