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Zombies or LGBTQ+ People: Which is Scarier?

Alyssa Hill February 27, 2023

The Last of Us television adaptation has taken the world by storm in all its apocalyptic glory (or should I say “gore-y?”). As someone who has played and watched people play the action-adventure video...

Political slamming limits voter choice

IUS Horizon August 26, 2012
“I am a concerned citizen, and I approve this message.” During this political election, most media outlets — TV, radio, etc. — are bombarding viewers and listeners with messages about why or why not to vote for a particular candidate. Lately, the campaign advertisements have been focusing on the “why not” to vote.

Thank goodness for educational programs

IUS Horizon March 18, 2011

I have a 2-year-old son who loves TV. Ever since he was a baby, my son has loved to watch it — commercials mostly when he was younger — but now, he actually is old enough to watch for entertainment. When...

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