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I want IUS to be great

IUS Horizon April 20, 2009

The Horizon has been known to print some scathing articles and columns. I have written my share of harsh stories. Recently, a fellow student mentioned to me how it seemed we want to make the school look...

Ultimate Frisbee: ultimate game

IUS Horizon April 5, 2009

I enjoy sports. I like to play them. I like to watch them. I like pulling down rebounds on the court and racking up the YAC on the football field. I embarrass myself every time I step onto a volleyball...

Crazy like a fox or just plain crazy?

IUS Horizon March 7, 2009

When Brother Rick Bradley came to campus Thursday, Feb. 26, students mocked his words. They laughed at his antics. Some even yelled and screamed at him to argue with him about his message. He got exactly...

Sprinkler damages residents’ rooms

IUS Horizon February 14, 2009

A sprinkler malfunction in Meadow Lodge on Sunday, Jan. 18, caused damage to four apartments, displacing several students and damaging some of the students’ personal belongings. Jim Schlinsog, director...

Education can’t be bought

IUS Horizon November 15, 2008

I recently overheard one of my classmates lamenting her poor performance in a course.  She said that it wasn’t fair for her professor to fail her when she had spent so much money on tuition and books...

Titles deserve ink

IUS Horizon October 25, 2008

The Horizon printed Jacob Korff’s name in the Police Blotter last week. We printed that he was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. And, for the first time with any Blotter inclusion,...

GPA system not accurate or fair

IUS Horizon October 4, 2008

We live in a world where numbers matter. We love to count, quantify and analyze anything and everything, including knowledge. A person’s grade point average is one way we do so. But a person’s GPA...

Editors Roundtable 09-15-08

IUS Horizon September 13, 2008

[youtube=] The Horizon editors discuss media saturation.

SGA on right track

IUS Horizon September 13, 2008

SGA stands for the Student Government Association. Last week, several of its members took a small step toward recognizing and living up to part of the responsibility that comes with being a government...

Editors Roundtable 09-08-08

IUS Horizon September 13, 2008

[youtube=] The Horizon editors discuss the media coverage of Sarah Palin.

Campus Web site servers attacked

IUS Horizon August 30, 2008

IU Southeast's web servers experienced a malicious attack on Aug. 5 that brought down the school's Web site for a week. Larry Mand, vice chancellor of Information Technology, said the attack was a SQL...

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