Arctic blast moves into area overnight

IUS Horizon

IU Southeast and all other IU campuses will be closed tomorrow in anticipation of a potentially dangerous winter storm that will reach the Midwest overnight. The storm brings with it an arctic blast that will leave residents of the IU Southeast area to face sub-zero temperatures and possible snow accumulation throughout Monday.

Currently, temperatures in the area hover around 31 degrees, but are expected to drop to minus 1 overnight and remain steady until dropping to a low of minus 6 Monday night.

The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill warning from 1 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday for a wide local area, including Clark, Floyd and Jefferson counties, with wind chill values predicted to be minus 20 to minus 30 Monday.

According to The National Weather Service, wind chill values lower than minus 18 can cause frostbite within 30 minutes. Signs include grey, whitish or waxy skin. First-aid for frostbite can be found here:

In low temperatures, care should also be taken to avoid hypothermia, which is a result of internal body temperature falling below 96 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.  Signs of hypothermia include sluggishness and inability to inability to think clearly and medical help should be sought immediately.

More information on how to stay safe during cold temperatures can be found here: