Getting involved helps students in classroom

Ashley Sizemore

Across from the bookstore, hidden behind the game center and The Grounds coffee shop in University Center, lies a large group of different organizations. These organizations range from sororities and fraternities to academic clubs and other clubs IU Southeast students can join.

Cari Edwards,office services assistant in campus life, said there are currently over 100 clubs on campus. The clubs range in a variety of subjects including academic, greek, political, religious, athletic and several other groups.

The map above give students the office locations for students to find hours, websites, and other contact information for the organization students are looking for.

“People who enjoy IUS get involved at IUS.” Hunter Anderson, secondary education junior said. “It’s worth the experience.”

Each organization has certain standards that it holds it members to. Most of these standards are academic, involvement, and community service. Edwards said that her office has to check students GPA’s on greek life and on average they are higher than a student not involved in greek life.
“Our core values are important in the sorority.” Olivia Fitchett, psychology junior said. “We have to maintain a certain GPA.”

Anderson said his fraternity, TKA, does a lot of community service and has high academic standards.

Fitchett said that joining Sigma Kappa was one of the best decisions she has made in college. She said students create friends for a lifetime and her colleagues help to motivate each other.

“Sororities are a good way to meet other people.” Fitchett said. “There’s a lot of people to network with and make connections with.”

According to IU Southeast Campus life’s website, there are 10 reasons to get involved in student organizations. Some of those reasons include achieving personal goals, have a more involved college experience, learn about your peers and build a relationship with peers, faculty and staff.

Anderson said that he enjoys having the relationship with all the guys in his alumni.

“We grow together through friendship.” Anderson said. “Everyone has doubts before they come in but you won’t know until you try.”Edwards said IU Southeast students are able to contact campus life to help find an organization for them.

“There’s something for everybody.” Edwards said. “It’s what campus life is there to help with.”