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NAIA passes legislation allowing student-athletes to be compensated for name, image, and likeness

The NAIA passed legislation on October 7, allowing student-athletes to be compensated for their name, image, and likeness.
How will this groundbreaking decision affect Grenadier athletes?
October 9, 2020

On October 7, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) passed groundbreaking legislation, allowing student-athletes to be compensated for their name, image, and likeness (NIL), making...

Proposal sparks SGA public forum

The vote took place in room 104 of Hillside Hall. The meeting was moved after the SGA realized an above-average number of people wanted to come to the meeting. Pictured above, professor Greg Phipps speaks to the SGA.
A recommendation bill proposed to redesignate campus’ all-gender restrooms draws a full house to Student Government Association meeting
April 15, 2019

The IU Southeast Student Government Association voted 7-1 Friday, April 12 against student senator Joseph Bortka’s “Recommendation on the Present Gender Discourse.” IU Southeast has four all-gender...

A Passion for the Stars

Dr. Gerald Ruth and his wife Ellen in front of 
the IUS observatory. Photo by John Clere
One man’s lifetime love of astronomy benefits campus stargazers
September 4, 2018

At age 14, IUS professor Gerald Ruth, emeritus of geosciences, grinded a handmade mirror for his first telescope. He grinded it to the exact precision as the mirror originally used in the Hubble Space...

Indiana governments combating the opioid epidemic

Photo Illustration by Louis Herlihy
Local municipalities are suing opioid distributors while the state legislature is calling for prescription and treatment reform
August 21, 2018

In 2016, the opioid epidemic claimed more than twice the amount of lives taken by the United States’ hot-button topic — gun violence. Opioids were involved in 42,249 deaths, and opioid overdose deaths...

EDITORIAL: ‘Yes, we’re putting out a damn paper’

Journalists' Memorial, Newseum. Washington D.C.
What the Capital Gazette shooting means to student journalists
June 29, 2018

As journalists, our goal is to report the facts and make sense of difficult and confusing situations, and that is what The Capital Gazette did by publishing an issue the day after losing five of their...

Should classes have been cancelled at IUS?

Should classes have been cancelled at IUS?
January 16, 2018

Early this morning Indiana University Southeast administered a two-hour delay rather than cancelling classes. Was this the right thing to do? IUS acknowledged in their Facebook post that they have a...

No Basketball; No Money

Rick Pitino, former University of Louisville head men's basketball coach, was fired prior to the 2017-2018 season amid another alleged recruiting scandal.
Photo courtesy of Charles Bertram, used under Tribune News Service license.
How the “death penalty” could affect local restaurants
January 5, 2018

It could be an economic earthquake that could shake all of Louisville and the epicenter would be the KFC Yum! Center and the restaurants surrounding it. On Sept. 26, the FBI rocked the college basketball...

“I was Steve Jobs’ boss.”

Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, Inc. spoke at the Ogle Center
November 13, 2017

“Habits destroy brain cells, new experiences create them,” began Nolan Bushnell as he encouraged a sold out auditorium. Bushnell, known widely as the “father of video games” spoke at the Ogle Center...

IUS Dominates in Homecoming week

Throughout the game, the Grenadiers pushed past the Bulldogs’ defense, enabling Deshawn Lewis, business management sophomore, to achieve a dunk.
November 11, 2017

It was all wins on Saturday for the men’s and women’s basketball teams at the IU Southeast Homecoming. Before Saturday’s games, students and alumni gathered in the parking lot outside the gymnasium...

Who said make-up has to be for beauty?

Who said make-up has to be for beauty?
IUS theater class, which focuses on stage make-up, held a make-up competition based off the popular reality show “Face Off.”
November 10, 2017

Five pairs of students competed in a Halloween-themed competition for their stage makeup class. Natalie Bowman, the professor of stage makeup, borrowed the idea for the unique project off of the popular...

Mesa – A Collaborative Kitchen

September 16, 2017

Many people dabble in watching cooking shows, wanting to learn a thing or two from a professional about how to cook delicious food from the comfort of their own homes. However, often these meals can be...

IUS says farewell to an icon

“The reason I wear Hawaiian shirts is because back in California that’s all we would wear, Hawaiian shirt or T-shirt,” Carducci said.
Bernardo Carducci announces retirement after 37 years at IU Southeast.
September 11, 2017

Editors' note: We republished this story on Sept. 23, 2018, as we learned about the death of Bernie Carducci.  Colorful, outgoing, bigger than life and one of a kind. These are all ways that former...

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