IUS senior weighs in on evolution debate

Ashley Sizemore

Bill Nye recently debated Creation Museum founder Ken Ham on the merits of evolution versus creationism. While over a half-a-million viewers watched the debate live on the internet, it is still not a topic that everyone feels comfortable discussing in public.

Exploring the Falls of the Ohio
Dale Brown, geoscience senior, will be presenting another talk about the George Rogers Clark Cabin on March 11 as part of his internship and research.

“There are two things you don’t talk about at the dinner table,” Dale Brown, geoscience senior said.”Religion and politics. This was the lesson I grew up with.”

Brown presented his research on science and creationism on Feb. 27 for students in the Adult Student Center. He has done research to accompany his internship at the Falls of the Ohio.

“It’s undeniable that 74 percent of Americans are religious,” Brown said. “Only 32 percent are creationism.”

Brown explained what it means to a creationist and how there are three different types. He said there are the literalists, evolutionarys and the intelligent design creationists.

Brown also discussed how the Bible has been interpreted different ways. He said there are the autographs (the original books) and the translated books. Brown said that the translated can be “word for word,” “thought for thought,” paraphrased and corrupted.

“Both sides have the same information,” Brown said. “They interpret the data differently.”Brown had the audience interact with the discussion and had them pick topics for him to elaborate and discuss his findings.

“I thought the discussion on the Grand Canyon and Mt. St. Helens was interesting.” Nathan Berent, chemistry freshman said. “I didn’t know what to think at first, but it’s good to hear both sides of the argument.”

Brown discussed topics of water on Mars, evolution, Noah’s Ark, fossils, and human complexity. He told both sides argument on each topic and explained his findings. Students were invited to participate in the discussion and add their input or views during the talk.

“It was interesting.” Zachary Slayton, pre-nursing senior said. “It was good to see people come and hear about each others views.”

Brown will be presenting another talk about the George Rogers Clark Cabin on March 11 as part of his internship and research.

He said that if students enjoyed the talk about science and creationism, that there will be a showing of the Bill Nye versus Ken Ham debate on Wed. Mar.5 from 6p.m. to 10p.m. in UC 127.