Letter to the editor: “Experts answer students’ sex questions”

IUS Horizon

The March 31st edition if the Horizon had comments from a panel addressing the issue of when to have sex. Notably one option was omitted – after marriage.

So am I just an old timer grousing about the loss of traditional values. There is more than that to my comment: For several years more than 40% of the children born annually in the U.S. had mothers who were not married.

This is not merely an issue for the women and children involved. The April 26 Courier-Journal reports that only 25% of unmarried mothers are wed three years after the birth. There are notable consequences for society: increased costs for welfare recipients, and children of single parent families do poorer in school. But apparently having sexual relations outside of marriage is not a problem for our society.



Dr. Thomas P. Wolf

Emeritus Professor of Political Science

See the original article, “Experts answer students’ sex questions,” here:  https://iushorizon.com/2014/03/experts-answer-students-sex-questions/