How students can recover from summer


Laura Hubrich, Staff Writer

It happens every year. The spring semester ends and before you know it, the summer is over. The day finally comes when you’re walking around a local store and they have their huge “Back to School” display in the front of the store. But you’re not ready for that! Summer wasn’t supposed to end, right? Well, you can’t avoid the inevitable. For some students, getting back into the school groove can be difficult while others are excited to start another chapter in their college career.

Rachel Cox, communications and marketing junior, said she was excited.

“I was really excited because I’m starting this major that interests me a lot and also I can be back around my sorority sisters. It’s always a lot of fun.”

While Cox said it wasn’t difficult to get back into the routine of school, she added, “I think for freshmen and sophomores it is (hard to recover) but once you’re an upperclassman, you kind of just know what to expect so you don’t dread it as much.”

Miles Baker, criminology freshman, said he was not excited for classes to start at all because he said it was hard to recover from summer and get back into a school regimen.

“It’s hard to back into the school system after having almost three months off. It’s just hard to get back into the focus of schoolwork after a long break,” Baker said.

Brad Caffee, history professor, shared some advice for students who are finding it hard to recover from summer.

“Humans are habitual creatures. Create a daily pattern that involves doing some school work and reading school material. Once they habituate themselves to that, then maybe it won’t be such a pain and they will just do it as a matter of course,” Caffee said.

Some students may dread the upcoming semesters, while others can be excited to continue on their educational journey. In each case, students can ease the jump from summer into classes by creating and maintaining a routine to help make them successful.