IU Southeast students respond to lockdown

The psychology behind their words

Haley Warwick, Staff

Doors barricaded or locked, shades closed, and lights down. A normally busy and noisy campus grinded to a halt in fear of what was believed to be an armed person on campus.alyssa-tweet.jpgweb

How did the Sept. 11 lockdown at IU Southeast affect you personally?

Michael A. Day, clinical psychologist and director for the IU Southeast personal counseling services, said the effect of a lockdown such as this one is “individualized person to person. There can be [a] short-term increase in anxiety or nervousness.”

Day said while some students may or may not show signs of nervousness, everyone has different ways of coping.

For example, Day said, “it is also normal for students to use humor as a coping mechanism in a variety of these types of situations, which is normal.”

Day pointed out that for some students who have had traumatic things happen in the past, something like a lockdown could trigger old feelings or emotions.

Some students in a lockdown situation could experience something called hypervigilance, which is a state of being hyper aware of one’s environment after something traumatic, Day explained.acristin-tweet

Day used the analogy of after being in a car accident someone might be nervous to return to being in a car or driving.

“Students who could have hypervigilance might be nervous about returning to campus,” Day said.

Day included some ways students can cope post lockdown by talking to each other, to faculty, or making an appointment with the personal counseling services on campus, which is located in University Center.

“We also have a good system in place. Everyone was notified quickly, everyone responded quickly,” Day said. “Students should focus on the positive.”

Students can also learn the procedures on campus for events like lockdowns which can help with feeling safe in the future. Day said measures are taken to ensure proper training throughout the faculty at IU Southeast.

“The police chief here on campus, myself, and some of the other faculty go around once a year to go over procedures for events like this one,” Day said. “We actually had scheduled to do this on Sept 12, the day after the lockdown.”akrista-tweet

Day said when they talk to the faculty they go over procedures like locking the door or barricading it. The procedure for faculty who are teaching is to stop class and remain quiet until the all clear is given.

Students who wish to make an appointment with the IU Southeast counseling center please call (812) 941-2244.