Parking costs increase system wide


Chelsey Carr, News Editor

The white envelope from IU Southeast, thicker than normal, beckoned my attention. I opened it expecting to find a thin sticker to place on the inside of my windshield, granting me access to parking. Instead, a thicker plastic pass to hang on my rearview mirror awaited me.

The IU Board of Trustees decided to move to a uniform parking pass for all IU campuses. Now they will have one mass order.

“We were the only IU campus that didn’t have a hang tag. All of IU is going to a more consolidated parking process,” Chief of Police Charlie Edelen said.

Additionally, the IU system will move to one system for software, which will include an option for paying citations online.

Edelen said the appeal and refund processes would move towards a similar business type of transaction.

Although prices of permits have increased, Edelen is assured they are still low in comparison to other campuses.

“The staff at Indy pay 800 or 900 dollars a year, but we are not going to Indy fees. We looked at all IU campuses and also comparable campuses [in size]. IU Southeast is the lowest,” he said.

While the parking permits increased three dollars, the one-day parking passes doubled.

“The daily passes hadn’t been changed in ten years. They are designed for visitors,” Edelen said.

Students will receive a citation for parking at a metered parking spot or with a day pass if they have purchased a student parking permit. Metered spaces have replaced the carpool parking spots.

“The carpool parking was being abused. The meters there have a 30-minute limit,” Edelen said.

Summer Messer, human resources junior, used the day passes over the summer because she had a summer job on campus.

“It was cheaper to use a day pass than to buy a summer pass for 33 dollars,” Messer said.

“I talked to [the police station] and I know they did it to persuade students to buy the parking pass because the day passes are supposed to be for visitors. But during summer there is only one pass available. I know if you take summer [session] two classes, the pass is discounted. But not if you take summer one classes.”

Alum Chris Morris is more accepting of raising the cost of the semester permits than the day passes.

“Charging two dollars a day is not conducive to a friendly campus. We are charging visitors who come and see our beautiful campus, people who come to speak, and anyone is not already affiliated with IUS,” Morris said.

According to Edelen, all fees on campus are approved by the Board of Trustees before being put into place.

The parking account is funded only by the fees it generates. Everything students and faculty pay goes directly into the account and is used for parking related purchases.

“The account pays for paving, restriping, patching, the kiosks, and anything relating to parking. The account is self-supporting,” Edelen said.

The meters outside the Ogle Center have a three-hour limit. Subscriptions to the Ogle Center include parking.

The kiosks, except the one close to Klerner Lane, accept credit cards for purchasing daily passes.

“There is no way to get power to that kiosk. We accept credit cards for the convenience of students. We are barely breaking even, or might be losing money, with the fees for credit cards,” said Edelen.


Increase in Parking

Citations: $15 to $20

  • No Valid Permit
  • Improper Display
  • Not Valid Zone