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Let’s Pass on Parking Passes

Let’s Pass on Parking Passes

John Renfrow, Staff Reporter October 6, 2017

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness at IU Southeast reports that as of fall 2016, a mere eight percent of roughly 5,000 undergraduate students live on campus. That means the other 92 percent must...

Parking costs increase system wide

Parking costs increase system wide

Chelsey Carr, News Editor August 24, 2015

The white envelope from IU Southeast, thicker than normal, beckoned my attention. I opened it expecting to find a thin sticker to place on the inside of my windshield, granting me access to parking. Instead,...

Students in blue about parking

IUS Horizon March 3, 2013

With IU Southeast’s enrollment numbers growing, students continue to struggle finding parking places. In order to help students with this never-ending battle, Jeremy Eiler, Student Government Association...

Smoking ban draws out stricter rules

IUS Horizon August 26, 2012

A new Indiana law was introduced this summer that will have consequences on smokers at IU Southeast. Effective as of July 1, this law bans smoking within eight feet of any public building. Individuals...

New lodge requires approval for campus

IUS Horizon September 11, 2011

With the number of students attending IU Southeast expanding, there are also a growing number of students wanting to live on campus. Unfortunately, the number of students is greater than the number of...

Requesting permits confuses students

IUS Horizon August 30, 2008

Tammy Ratts, graduate student, stood in line at the IUS Police department for a parking permit. Ratts hadn’t registered for classes since before OneStart was implemented, and said she thought she could...

Parking regulations updated

IUS Horizon August 30, 2008

Parking on campus has undergone some changes after new parking policies were passed by the Administrative Council last spring and enacted on July 1. Carpool parking Along with more stringent towing policies...

Parking woes

IUS Horizon August 30, 2008

Dear Editor: In addition to being an Alumna of IU Southeast, I have also been a member of the IUS Credit Union for more than six years. Since the construction in University Center has completely closed...

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