Students in blue about parking

IUS Horizon

With IU Southeast’s enrollment numbers growing, students continue to struggle finding parking places.

In order to help students with this never-ending battle, Jeremy Eiler, Student Government Association treasurer, proposed the blue law or “universal blue.”

The blue law, which will come into effect on June 1, will allow students who have a red student parking pass to park in the blue-pass parking spaces after 6 p.m. throughout the entire campus.

Those with a red parking pass were allowed to do this in the past, but the times allowing them to do so varied across campus and caused confusion.

“Previously, while students were able to park in the [blue] spots, each sign read a different time. Some said six, others said nine [p.m.],” Eiler said. “For that reason students were getting tickets unnecessarily. Most students thought all signs said that you can park after five.”

While Eiler hopes that the new law will make finding a place to park easier, he said that it is mostly directed towards the students who are living on campus.

“Sometimes students who live here will come home at night and won’t have a place to park,” Eiler said. “The bill got a lot of support from the police department for this reason, so students wouldn’t have to walk all over campus at night just to get to their dorms after searching for a place to park.”

While many agree that the bill will be beneficial, few believe it will help with the struggle for a spot.

Kara Hodges, criminal justice junior, said she wishes something would be done so students do not have park so far away during the midday.

“Most people are here during the day time,” Hodges said. “When I get here during the day I have to park so far away and it’s really annoying. They should provide bussing systems like other schools for that reason.”

Hodges said she believes teachers and students should be able to park in the same lots and spaces.

“Students have to be in class just as much as teachers do. We should be able to park up front just like they do.”

Cristina Turner, IUS coffee shop manager, said even with a blue parking pass, it is still difficult to find a place to park.

“I get here around 9 or 10 [a.m.] for work, Turner said. “Trying to find a place to park around then with all the students and teachers becomes a nightmare.”

Turner asid she believes there should be other options for parking around campus.

“While the new lot is great, it is still really far away. Maybe we should look into garage parking so it can be closer for everyone,” Turner said.

Eiler said that if students feel unsafe and have to walk a long distance to their dorm or car the police will escort them to where they are going.

“It is campus policy for the police to escort you anywhere on campus if you feel unsafe,” Eiler said.

Eiler and the SGA are looking in to other options to help those living on campus be able to park close to their dorms.

Currently, he is passing out surveys to decide what should be done. Any students with suggestions should contact Eiler or the SGA.


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