IUS women’s basketball preview


Blake Stewart

Three IUS women’s basketball players do a fast break drill during practice . The Grenadiers were 19-12 last season under coach Robin Farris.

Somolia Pumphrey, Staff Reporter

After the loss of a couple senior leaders from last season’s team and with the addition of a couple transfer students, the IUS women’s basketball team is preparing for the upcoming season.

Entering his 27th season with the Grenadiers, head coach Robin Farris will look to improve off a 19-12 season last year, which ended abruptly with a loss in the KIAC Quarterfinals against IU East.

Tori Kingsley, senior center, discussed about some of the teams that the Grenadiers are scheduled to play against this season.

“Point Park always brings good competition as well as Asbury and IU East,” Kingsley said.

Farris said that with the addition of Rio Grande from Ohio to the KIAC, along with the teams Kingsley discussed, that these teams all have the ability to be good competition for the Grenadiers.

Last season, the Grenadiers lost both games against Asbury and IU East. The Grenadiers finished the year with an overall record of 19-12.

Riley Kaiser, sophomore forward, said that an opponent that could cause some trouble for the Grenadiers next season is IU East.

“I think our number one rival right now is IU East because last season it was a tough game playing them in the regular season and then in the tournament,” Kaiser said.

Coach Farris explains that with the loss of some of their key players, the team will have to make some adjustments like adjusting to the new guards and improve their shooting as a team.

The IUS women’s basketball devotes about two hours per day to practice.

Coach Farris said that he sees a lot of potential for them to be a competitive team this year.

“We have to stay healthy and not have key injuries to key players, get along with one another, be cohesive, play as a team, and if they do those things I think that they will have a successful season,” Farris said.

Farris said to have a successful season, the team has to work hard in practice every day to make themselves better.

“You play like you practice,” Farris said.

Farris identified Mary Dye, senior forward, as being one of the players who has improved a lot.

“She’s looking good in practice,” Farris said. “This year she seems to be making better decisions.”

Another player that Farris spoke highly of is Annie Thomas, sophomore point guard.

Thomas is a transfer from Henderson State University.

“Point guard is going to be such an important position,” Farris said. “I have hopes and I can see a lot of potential. She has shown a lot of promise.”

When talking about sophomore, Rylie Kaiser, Farris says that the team needs someone to step up and score for us, “Kaiser has really shot the ball well for us.”

The team’s chemistry on the court is a key asset that the Grenadiers possess according to Kingsley.

“I feel like sometimes we can read each other’s minds,” Kingsley said. “Our best asset is how close we are and how we play together as a team.”

Kaylee Bennett, junior forward, agreed with Kingsley’s notion of teamwork.

“I think if we all work together we will be successful as a team,” Bennett said.

Farris said that with any sport there’s no way of accurately predicting wins and losses.

However, he did say that one of the main goals that he has for the team is, “for them to reach their full potential, and to be as good as we can be.”