Art from around the world in Louisville

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Sarah Swett, from the U.S., made this Tapestry called Blue day. It’s made with wool and natural dyes.
Sarah Swett, from the U.S., made this Tapestry called Blue Day. It’s made with wool and natural dyes.

The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft has a new exhibit, woven art of the American Tapestry Alliance, is on display featuring artists from all over the world until Jan. 3.

This is the first time this exhibit has come to Louisville, Ky.

The works featured in the exhibit are not only featuring the best weavers, but those whose works demonstrate current issues.

“The people who are into tapestries are very excited about this exhibit,” said Brian Clinkingberad, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft curator.

There were 170 applicants who applied to the exhibition, but since the exhibit was juried only 38 tapestries made it through, Clinkingberad said.

The artist’s who have works displayed in the exhibit come from all around the world like Romania, Mexico, Scotland, Canada, England, Czech Republic, Peru and the U.S. 

The exhibit is going to museums all over North America. Louisville is its second stop; it began in Tampa, Fla.

Since the opening of the exhibit on Thursday, Aug. 4, Julie Yoder, of Louisville and an employee of the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, said, “Everyone has been really excited about the exhibit.”

People who came to look at the exhibit thought the work was fascinating.

“They are all so beautiful and different too,” Laura Johnsrude, of Louisville, Ky, said.

Another person said she was in town and had to see the exhibit.

“I was in for an embroidery guild seminar and saw an advertisement for the exhibit and wanted to see it,” Chris Berry, from Glasgow, Scotland, said.

The American Tapestry Alliance is a non-profit group that helps and encourages tapestry weaving. It was founded in 1982 and now has over 425 members from 24 countries.

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