IUS falls to Lindsey Wilson


Ashley Smith, Staff Writer

On Thursday September 8, the IUS women’s volleyball team lost last night to No. 2 ranked Lindsey Wilson 3 sets to 0. This puts IU Southeast’s season record at 4-6.

After struggling in the first set with a score of 14-25 the lady Grenadier’s came back stronger in the second set with a score of 22-25. However, they fell back in the 3rd set with a score of 11-25.

Some of the notable performances by IUS where Hannah Barker with three spikes and 23 assist, Katie Fischer with three spikes and five kills. Adding  to the total, Monica Loftus ten kills and three spikes.

Head coach Eric Brian said was pleased with the team for playing against the 2nd ranked team, but said they needed to work on some things, “We can definitely keep up with the higher ranked teams like Lindsey Wilson. We just have to work on little strategic things in practice to help us get better, like the two girls closing the block box.”  

After the team headed to the locker room to discuss the game, senior Mary Dye said felt better about the team’s performance, “We definitely did better the last time we played them. So I think that’s definitely encouraging. We need to work on being excited even when we’re not winning.” Said Dye

The women’s volleyball team is heading over to Louisville next week. Playing Spalding University Tuesday night at 7 o’clock p.m.