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Philosophy Club promotes good discussions, fun

The Philosophy Club is made up of students who pursue education for the love of knowledge.

Members and partisans of the club meet every Tuesday in the Red Room of the New Albanian Brewing Company at 8:30 p.m. Members are so dedicated to the club and each other, they even met during the entire summer season.

Bryan Hall, assistant professor of philosophy, is the faculty adviser to the club.

“I have some tentative plans for the club to sponsor a series of lectures from philosophy teachers from various schools,” Hall said. “We hope to get these lectures set up at IUS.”

Hall has prepared a paper defending the 18th century philosopher, Immanuel Kant, against a 20th century critic, Willard Quine.

Don’t be intimidated if you aren’t a philosophy major or know the details of the philosophy of Plato, Hobbes, Locke or Mill. The Philosophy Club is an inclusive organization and welcomes all who are looking for a good discussion and friendship.

 Nathan Muncy, philosophy senior, is president of the organization.

“We want to find people and groups around IUS that we can network with,” Muncy said.

The 10 or more members at the meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 9, were busy drafting a constitution for the club.

Sarah Schaffer, who has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, said the present group has been together since last fall. Schaffer has been designated as the de facto “fun person” for the group.

“The Philosophy Club started about three years ago,” Schaffer said. “But we’ve been a pretty steady group for about the past year.”

Schaffer said her favorite philosopher was Buddha.

Daniel Gruner, philosophy senior, is the events coordinator for the club.

“A lot of philosophy majors plan to go to law school,” Gruner said. “That’s what I plan to do.”

Members of the Philosophy Club want to keep the organization casual, with a bottom-up structure.

“We don’t want to become too hierarchical,” club president Muncy said.

For IUS students looking for a good discussion, the Philosophy Club might be the right cup of brew.

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