Unrelated Twins


Chandler Cooper, Staff Reporter

They say everybody has a double.

It’s a known myth that we all have a doppelganger somewhere out there – or at least someone who resembles us in some peculiar fashion – but we never really expect to see that person within the same city, let alone the same campus.

A normal day for Matt McClellan, communications major, and Danny Clements, associate director of IT support services, consists of common run-ins with each other’s friends and colleagues resulting in confusion amongst the IU Southeast population.

Both gentlemen share unique characteristics such as similar facial features, hairstyles, body measurements and wardrobes. The two are frequently stopped around campus by people who believe McClellan to be Clements or vice versa. Clements’ wife also works on campus and once almost mistook McClellan for her husband until she realized it wasn’t.

McClellan caught wind of this phenomenon on his second day of freshmen year in 2015. A professor walked up to him and said “Danny, It’s urgent! I need you to fix a computer for me!” The freshman was perplexed and had to tell the professor that he was a student and not “Danny.”

McClellan eventually visited the IT Department to get his passport stamped and saw Clements for the first time. The communications major was amazed and jokingly stated, “Now that’s one handsome guy!”

After two years, Clements and McClellan both find the situation to be humorous.

“My brain will now respond to Matt,” said Clements.

Due to this unique affair, their relationship has evolved into more than just a casual “hello” here and there. Last semester, McClellan interviewed Clements for a journalism class and spent the day learning about the IT Department. Clements hopes for McClellan to learn some IT tips in order to help out the people that do come up to him thinking he’s “the IT guy.”

To avoid further confusion, take note. Clements wears an IT badge and McClellan typically sports an IU backpack. So if you find yourself in the presence of Clements or McClellan, make sure you know who is who.