Suspect named in on-campus assault

IUS Horizon

Zachary Kilgore
Zachary Kilgore
On Wednesday, Oct. 21, a male suspect assaulted a female student with a handgun in Hickory Parking Lot around 2:30 p.m.

IUS Police reported the suspect, Zachary Kilgore, 33, left campus in a blue Dodge pickup truck with a Kentucky license plate ending in JZJ.

Kilgore is currently serving probation for several violent felony offenses against persons and property.

The female student, who had a previous relationship with the suspect, was escorted to the IUS Police department by a professor to file the complaint.

IUS Police Chief Charles Edelen said several officers immediately went to the scene and confirmed that Kilgore was no longer on campus.

“We treated it very seriously, obviously,” he said.

Dana Wavle, vice chancellor of Administrative Affairs, said IUS Police handled the situation correctly.

“We can’t control things that go on in the lives of all of our students when they are off campus,” Wavle said, “but we are continuing to do our very best to create a safe campus community for our students while on campus.”

Edelen said IUS Police had increased patrols that day.

“We actually had officers here training that day, so that came in very handy.”

Wavle said IUS Police have been offered assistance.

“If we have to, we will bring in other agencies,” he said.

Wavle also said student safety will remain the goal.

Kilgore had not been arrested at press time, but a warrant had been issued for his arrest on charges of domestic battery, pointing a firearm and intimidation with a firearm.

Edelen said students should be aware.

Wavle said students should report any information concerning the assault or any sightings of Kilgore on campus to IUS Police.

“It is important for the entire campus to be vigilant and report anything unusual,” Wavle said.

The victim is reported to be safe, but her current location is not being released.

“She’s certainly safe until the wheels of justice can take place,” Wavle said.

IUS Police said the blue truck does not belong to Kilgore, and they are trying to find the owner for further questioning.

Edelen said any student with information pertaining to the assault or Kilgore should contact IUS Police at 812-941-2400.