The Horizon vs. The Heat

Julie Jackson

Samuel Murphy and Julie Jackson

Welcome to The Horizon vs. The Heat. Students, faculty and staff members from The Horizon go to local restaurants in the Kentuckiana area and take on their spiciest foods, as well as try viral spicy food challenges.

In our first segment, four members on the staff ventured to Cluckers on Charlestown Rd. in New Albany to battle against their infamous ‘Inferno’ wings. The wings are drenched in a habanero based sauce with ghost chili pepper powder added into it. Cluckers was ‘kind’ enough to donate the wings to The Horizon — although those eating the wings probably wouldn’t say kindness is the right word.

Staff members John Renfrow, Adam Sanders, Sam Murphy and Dustin Kiefer all came into the challenge with a love of spicy food. However, following the painful – and comedic – bout against the incredibly spicy wings, the staff members were left questioning the idea of the series and their love for spicy food. So, who will win, The Horizon or the Heat?

We would like to make this a series and hope to bring our viewers more content after our staff members recover from this battle. If you have any suggestions for spicy food challenges you want to see The Horizon take on in the Kentuckiana area, please contact Sam Murphy at