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Horizon columnist reviews new Forza Horizon 5

Caleb Stultz, Staff Reporter December 1, 2021

When it comes to an open-world experience in an all-wheel or rear-wheel drive two-ton machine, no one does it better than Forza. With over 10 million players already in the game, Xbox Studios has hit the...

Multi-platinum sound engineer to speak at the Kentucky Center

John Renfrow, Contributing Reporter July 29, 2019

Born as Finis White in Lexington, the now multi-platinum sound engineer “KY” (pronounced kay-why) is one of a select few names of hip hop pioneers from Kentucky making it on the biggest stage. The...

The World’s Largest Bounce House is Coming to Lexington

Brittany Bullard, Staff Reporter September 19, 2018

Recognized as the world’s largest bouncy castle by the Guinness Book of World Records, The Big Bounce America will land in Lexington, Kentucky at Masterson Station Park from September 22 to 23. Described...

A Grenadier Valentine

A Grenadier Valentine

Macy Allgeier February 14, 2018

IU Southeast students reveal their Valentine’s Day plans, best/worst memories, as well as help address a letter to a secret admirer -“Mad-lib” style.

The Horizon vs. The Heat

Samuel Murphy and Julie Jackson January 3, 2018

Welcome to The Horizon vs. The Heat. Students, faculty and staff members from The Horizon go to local restaurants in the Kentuckiana area and take on their spiciest foods, as well as try viral spicy food...

Events at Churchill Downs

Connie Howlett, Staff Writer October 9, 2017

Anxiously waiting in their seats, the announcer says “they’re in the gate… annndddd they’re off.” As the horses get closer, the crowd gets louder, cheering for their horse. The crowd standing...

Eliza Donahue Profile

Julie Jackson, Staff Reporter October 6, 2017

Theater business major Eliza Donahue is choreographing the upcoming show Rocky Horror at IU Southeast. She began dancing at a young age and has turned it into her career. She travels across the country...

From Doodles to Award Winning Art

Charlyn Corum, Staff Reporter March 21, 2016

Some people are born to make art. Kacey Slone, printmaking and graphic arts senior, has known that she enjoyed art since she was a young child. Starting at a very young age, Slone colored a lot,...

Adult life is sometimes underwhelming

Charlyn Corum, Staff Reporter February 9, 2016

Buying a house and having a family ends up being more complex than a childhood wish. Children fantasize over what their adult life will be like.  They dream about what occupation they want, how many...

New technology showcased at Game On 1.5

Brandon Looney, Staff Reporter January 31, 2016

During this semester’s Game On technology festival, called Game On 1.5!, students, faculty and staff used the Oculus Rift, a system for virtual reality, to explore the capabilities of virtual reality...

Students engage in combat during Nerf War

Brandon Looney, Staff Reporter January 29, 2016

To prepare for the spring semester fraternity rush, Kappa Sigma held an event called the Nerf War. The fraternity held the event on Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 7:30 p.m. in the Hoosier Room. The Nerf War...

On The Record

Somolia Pumphrey, Staff Reporter January 25, 2016
IU Southeast freshman balances life, school and music
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