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Charlyn Corum

Charlyn Corum, Staff Reporter (Spring 2016, Spring 2015)

Hello All! My name is Charlyn, which is a modern form of Charles. I was named after my grumpy Grandfather who lived until the age of 92. At 10 years old I discovered National Geographic Magazines and since then I have wanted to be a journalist. I am truly excited to embark on my dream at IU Southeast. I have two dogs that are my true buds. Ekko the Corgi is extremely stubborn and enjoys retrieving tennis balls while Ghost the Great Dane loves to cuddle, give hugs, sit in front of heaters and frolic in an open field. Before I die I want to own a miniature pig, pet a sea otter, hike everywhere with my dogs, draw a comic stripe and write articles that bring smiles to readers faces. My momma is my best friend and my favorite editor. I am excited to see where my journalism degree will takes me in the future.

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Charlyn Corum, Staff Reporter
April 18, 2016
Illustration by Hector Cassanova / Tribune News Service

Students, not customers

Charlyn Corum, Staff Reporter
March 7, 2016
Photo illustration by Olivia Cook and Jordan Williams

Comparing on and off-campus living

Charlyn Corum, Staff Reporter
February 22, 2016
Hayden Casey and Carson Casey after Hayden’s high school team he helps coach won a sectional title. Photo courtesy of Hayden and Carson Casey

It Runs In The Family

Charlyn Corum, Staff Reporter
January 25, 2016
Let me lobby for my hobby: Hiking

Let me lobby for my hobby: Hiking

Charlyn Corum, Contributing Reporter
September 8, 2015
Rebecca Lawson, nursing junior

Dodging Dates

Charlyn Corum, Staff Writer
February 6, 2015
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