Preparing snow day meals on a college budget


Charlyn Corum

Staff writer Charlyn Corum shares her ideas for a snow day feast.

Charlyn Corum, Staff writer

I wake up, do a little snow day victory dance and wander into my kitchen. Opening the refrigerator I stand and stare as if something interesting and yummy magically appeared overnight. No such luck.

I slump into my couch upset at myself for not picking up “bread and milk” like most people do before a snow storm warning.

Scrolling through Instagram I see pictures of food that remind my stomach of how hungry it is.

Okay stomach you win. Opening every cabinet in my kitchen I stand back and ponder what I should make for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Oatmeal for Breakfast:

I love breakfast.  There is something special about fruits, pancakes and milk.  Since driving to Toast on Market was out of the question I had to develop a plan B. All I have for fruit is a really ripe banana, I do not have flour to make pancakes and I used the last of my milk the day before.

Digging through a cabinet I find oatmeal. I cook the oatmeal, cut up the banana, plop some applesauce on top and add cinnamon and maple syrup to taste.

Oatmeal is such a simple, delicious and cheap ingredient. Real Simple is a site I frequent for quick breakfast oatmeal ideas.

After playing in the snow with my dogs Ghost and Ekko I come inside to look for more food.

Grilled Cheese for Lunch:

Digging through my refrigerator I find a couple stray pieces of cheese.  Grabbing the loaf of bread I make a grilled cheese sandwich. For a side dish I cut up carrots and celery and dip them in peanut butter.

While eating my lunch I was pondering if there were recipes for grilled cheese sandwiches. I came across a yummy site called Food Network and now I want to try all 50 recipes.

After the food was devoured I grab my knitting project and sit down to watch a depressing movie called Men Women and Children.

After the movie and doing random things around my house I decide I am hungry yet again.

Mac and Cheese for Dinner:

I remember I have boxes of mac and cheese and a pack of sausage.  I cook the foods, mix them together and add Italian season for extra flavor.

As I sit down to eat my dinner I curiously Google “mac and cheese recipes,” and I came across an awesome site called Taste of Home.

This is the inside scope of what a poor college student scrounged up for her daily meals on a snow day. If you made a clever snow day meal and would like to share, comment below.