IU Southeast hosts final mental health and wellness panel

Charlyn Corum, Staff Writer

On March 18th, Daniel Moore, senior judge of Indiana, Kevin Pangburn, director of substance abuse treatment in the Kentucky prison system and Deb Coleman, director of mental health services in the Kentucky prison system, came to IU Southeast to bring awareness to the social side of mental health and wellness. 

Tonight I hope people gain a greater sensitivity and awareness of people living with mental health,”

— Michael Day

The event was coordinated by Michael Day, social science personal counselor, Beth Rueschhoff, assistant professor of biology and Meghan Kahn, faculty member of psychology.

This event was the last seminar in the Mental Health and Wellness series.

Day said that Rueschhoff is the one who initiated the idea to begin this series.

“I just want to open dialog about mental health and get people talking about it and start a supportive community,” Rueschhoff said.

“Tonight I hope people gain a greater sensitivity and awareness of people living with mental health,” Day said.

Coleman said she wanted to participate in this seminar in hopes to start a dialogue so people think about mental health and the offered services.

The spokespeople conversed about mental health issues and drug abuse.

They talked about correction facilities offered to mental health people and drug abusers in Kentucky and Indiana.

Coleman made the point that the people involved with the mentally ill should also seek support as well.

At the end of the seminar the room was open for questions.

“I thought the whole program was interesting,” Kim Roberson, advising employee, said.

April Barnard, biology senior, said, “I learned where to go for support if me or someone I know has mental or drug problems.”

Rueschhoff said she would like these seminars to help break the stigma of mental health.

Rueschhoff said that any ideas for seminar topics in the future can be emailed to her at