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Social distancing and its effects on mental health

Social distancing and its effects on mental health

Sydney Randall, News Editor

April 13, 2020

Social distancing has been proven to save lives and slow the spread of pandemics like the novel coronavirus. But just as social distancing aids public health, the isolation it entails can also have adverse effects on people, especially those who live alone or who have a history of mental illness. ...

Alcohol and Drugs: What Does it Really Look Like in Our Community?

Photo by Connor Edrington

Connor Edrington, Staff Reporter

November 1, 2017

With all the talk about alcohol in university dorms and drugs in our community, the answer to what substance use really looks like can be hard to narrow down. Michael Day, personal counselor at IU Southeast, spoke about what he has seen with the usage of alcohol and drugs on IU Southeast’s campus. “What...

Inclusive Privacy

All Gender Restroom

John Boyle, Staff Reporter

February 9, 2016

FIX THIS NOW. Those words, printed in large, white letters set against a black background covered the front page of the “Indianapolis Star” on Mar. 31, 2015. The demand, which caught the attention of major media outlets across the country, was issued in response to the passage of Indiana’s...

Sexual assault: Bystander prevention, education and changing the social narrative

Sexual assault: Bystander prevention, education and changing the social narrative

Paige Thompson, Managing Editor

November 16, 2015

On Wednesday, Nov. 11, Audra Dowling, assistant director of residence life, asked passing students to make a pledge against sexual violence by signing their name and what made them "IUStrong," as a part of week of action for the It’s On Us campaign. Dowling said that one of the main goals of the...

Mental health concerns on campus

Personal Counseling Services is located in University Center South, room 243. Students interested in making an appointment can call 812-941-2244, e-mail Michael Day, director of Personal Counseling Services, at or e-mail the department at

Kristin Kennedy, Social Media Coordinator

November 16, 2015

A 22-year-old senior lived with her parents, and she was on track to graduate. However, her parents told her she had to find somewhere else to live. In addition to figuring out where to live, the student had to determine how she would pay her bills, how she would eat and how she would finish school. When...

Training students to recognize signs of suicide

Tassy Payne, Staff Reporter

October 5, 2015

Sept. 23, Michael Day of Personal Counseling held a QPR Gatekeeping training program to teach others how to recognize signs of potential suicide and how to respond effectively. This training was done as part of the Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention week. Day said that suicide is a global and a nat...

IU Southeast holds second annual Out of the Darkness suicide walk

They are participants of the community walk.

Tassy Payne, Staff Reporter

October 4, 2015

On Sept. 26, IU Southeast had their second Out of the Darkness community walk. This walk was done to fundraise, honor and support victims of suicide. Michael Day, personal counseling director, said that there were more participants, more fun, better weather and likely, there was more money ...

Mental health 101

Mental health 101

Kaetln Harrison, Staff Reporter

September 8, 2015

Mental Health affects everyone, but it is a topic many find difficult. One in four adults experiences a mental health condition every year. One in seventeen lives with a serious mental illness. An interdisciplinary team of IU Southeast faculty and staff, in conjunction with local experts, kicked off...

IU Southeast Establishes New Counselor Position

Rain Hopkins, Staff

April 13, 2015

For most students, a typical day includes something like going to class, getting lunch, and eventually going home to enjoy a decent dinner and homework (throw Netflix somewhere into that equation). It is not often that we hear the stories of students who struggle to find a ride to school, or money to eat ...

IU Southeast hosts final mental health and wellness panel

Charlyn Corum, Staff Writer

April 1, 2015

On March 18th, Daniel Moore, senior judge of Indiana, Kevin Pangburn, director of substance abuse treatment in the Kentucky prison system and Deb Coleman, director of mental health services in the Kentucky prison system, came to IU Southeast to bring awareness to the social side of mental health and...

IU Southeast support group aims to help smokers break the habit

Allison Nail, Staff

December 3, 2014

While going through daily routines and just trying to get through the day at work but you get that one customer who has to make everything harder. The customer set you off and now all you want to do is smoke a cigarette, but you decided to quit. The struggle is real. According to the Centers for Disease...

TAKING ITS TOLL: The personal and societal effects of domestic abuse

Paige Thompson, Staff

October 21, 2014

Every step is like walking on eggshells. Checking your voicemail only to hear a message about how worthless you are. Getting berated for leaving a light on by accident. This was the life of Kristen*, a victim of domestic abuse. Kristen knows what this life is like. Where even the littlest mistake coul...