14 Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s a special occasion or just any other day

Chandler Cooper, Content Editor

Valentine’s Day may conjure beautiful or pessimistic feelings depending on an individual’s experience with love and all of its chalked-up glory.

From Lana Del Rey’s nostalgic, yet timeless, “Love,” all the way to the brokenhearted “Awful Things,” by Lil Peep featuring Lil Tracy, these 14 love songs encompass a wide range of emotions for the romantic, or maybe unromantic, holiday.


In Love

 1. Love – Lana Del Rey

2. Outlaws – Alessia Cara

3. Something New – Wiz Khalifa feat. Ty Dolla $ign

4. You Song – Lil Wayne feat. Chance the Rapper

5. Take Care – Drake feat. Rihanna

6. All of You – Nick Grant feat. B. Hess

7. LOVE. – Kendrick Lamar feat. Zacari


It’s Complicated

 1.Rehab – Machine Gun Kelly

2. Again – Noah Cyrus feat. XXXTENTACION

3. Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

4. Do for Love – Tupac

5. Awful Things – Lil Peep feat. Lil Tracy

6. Worry – Jack Garratt

7. Prblms – 6LACK