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Alyssa Hill is Just Wrong

Madison A. Miller April 24, 2023

I didn’t grow up listening to Taylor Swift but did find comfort in her songs when a friend introduced me to her music. Eventually, I found even more comfort when said friend stabbed me in the back. Swift’s...


Student Spotlight: How the Little Drummer Boy Became a Music Man

Anneliese Crumley, Freelance Contributor April 24, 2023

Growing up being a bit different can be hard for anyone. Being picked on for nonconformity can happen at home, school, or work. It can happen anywhere you go. For most, it would bring them down. But for...

Ready for it? IUS Students Curious about Taylor Swift Course

Kara Wright and Ian McDermott September 12, 2022

Love her? Hate her?  Everyone knows who Taylor Swift is.  The internet has countless ways to satisfy your inner Swiftie. Want to buy the singer-songwriter’s newest merch? Or see the latest...

Students are making and producing music from their living room. Sam Purswell (Left) and Matt Neville (Right) are working to make there dreams of making music into a career a reality. Read more at the link in bio.

Two IUS Students could be writing the next local hit

Erik Hackman, Staff Reporter September 9, 2021

Sam Purswell, a sophomore majoring in audio production and music business, is working with Matt Neville, a former IUS student, to make a living out of their passion for music. Meeting each other through...

Station Manager Matt McClellan mans the sound board inside Horizon Radio’s broadcast room.  McClellan has led the station for three semesters. “I enjoy hearing stories and talking to people and hearing what they have to say or play,” he said.

On-air, online, on campus

Bryce Shreve, Managing Editor July 10, 2019

As students wander the halls of University Center South, sounds of American Football’s “Never Meant” may emanate from a peculiar room with a glowing red “on-air” sign. Inside, there is a strong...

Members of the a capella group Backtrack (left to right): Johnny Buffalo (beatbox), Mallory Moser (soprano), Jojo Otseidu (bass), Mike Hinkle (tenor), Melissa Jordano (alto)

Backtrack rocks the Ogle Center

Abby Bauerla, Staff Reporter April 15, 2019

Backtrack, an award-winning acapella group based in New York City, visited the Ogle Center on their Midwestern tour. They cover a variety of genres, from pop to Motown to classical, as well as original...

Director Jeramy Nichols leading an IUS Concert Choir rehearsal on Monday, Sept. 17.

The Vocalists of IUS

McKenna Curry, Staff Reporter September 27, 2018

You walk down the steps into the basement, or “ground level,” of Knobview at IU Southeast. You first hear a piano followed by a loud, yet beautiful, singing voice escaping through the cracks of one...

ACE of Spades

ACE of Spades

Lydia Wieczorek, Staff Reporter April 15, 2018

Shane Thomas’ love for music began as a child when his babysitter would come over each morning, and put Elvis records and movies on for the two to listen to before his bus ride to school. Nowadays,...

14 Love Songs for Valentines Day

14 Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

Chandler Cooper, Content Editor February 4, 2018

Valentine’s Day may conjure beautiful or pessimistic feelings depending on an individual’s experience with love and all of its chalked-up glory. From Lana Del Rey’s nostalgic, yet timeless, “Love,”...

The logo for A/Tonal was created by an IU Southeast graduate.
Design by Aaron Hooper

Bringing the Music to Life

Beth Hunter, Staff Reporter January 20, 2018

Beethoven, Bach and Mozart are well-known classical musicians from 18th century Europe; however, Louisville is home to A/tonal, an ensemble featuring living composers with IU Southeast roots. Unlike...

Dr. Erich Stem sets up recording for the album Spectres in 2016. Credit: Timothy Miller and Besh Photography.

Music at IUS

Michael Melchor, Content Editor August 28, 2017

You probably know that IU Southeast has a music department. You might imagine people playing violins or composing music. But you might not have known that the department helps students learn about other...

Technikolor: Making Their Dreams a Reality

Technikolor: Making Their Dreams a Reality

Tyler Clerkin, Staff Reporter March 1, 2017

At IU Southeast, a group of students are trying to make their dreams a reality. Senior Samuel Ullrich, pre-law major, sophomore Clarence Jackson, business major and Jefferey Jernigan make up the group...

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