Rising Flood Waters Threaten to Beat 1997 Flood


Meleena Richardson

Hazard tape put up during the flood to keep onlookers away.

Meleena Richardson, Staff Reporter


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  • The river sign “Submerged in a Torrential Flood” provides irony as the river banks flood higher and higher.

  • A lamp post submerged underwater during the flood.

  • Flood waters threaten to rise above concrete platform of the Jeffersonville Overlook.

  • A view of the flood waters from the Jeffersonville Overlook.

  • Man prepares his drone for takeoff at the Jeffersonville Overlook.

  • People observing the flooded Ohio River.

  • A look at the flooded riverbank in downtown Jeffersonville under the walking bridge.

  • Portions of the roads have been closed off to prevent cars from driving into flooded areas.

  • Sign urges people to stay out of water.

  • Hazard tape is put up in an effort to keep curious onlookers at bay and out of harms way.

  • A line of the water level during the 1997 flood sits just feet away from the current flood conditions.

  • A tree under water at the Falls of The Ohio.

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A state of emergency was declared for Kentucky and Indiana residents over the past weekend due to almost record-shattering flood waters. The flood has increased with each day passing and is expected to worsen with more rain in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday.