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Louisville photographer makes photos by hand

Rudy Salgado stands in his darkroom, a repurposed closet dimly lit with an orange safelight. In this small space, Salgado prepares and develops his tintype photos.

January 12, 2020

For Rudy Salgado, Instagram filters are just not enough. A Louisville, Ky.-based artist passionate about creating art with his hands, Salgado decided to make his photographs look ‘old-fashioned’ by making them the ‘old-fashioned’ way. He uses the tintype method, a photographic technology invented...

Horizon guide to Thunder over Louisville, Pegasus Pins, KDF

Photo used under Creative Commons License. Used with permission.

Callie Manias, Mac Aubrey, and Abby Bauerla

April 1, 2019

  1. Claim Your Spot Early The air show begins at 3 p.m., so you should plan to get there way before that. The committed people get there early in the morning to claim the best spot. If you want to claim a large amount of grassy area right on the riverfront in Indiana or Kentucky, you...

Lipstick Wars is not your average poetry show

Lipstick Wars is not your average poetry show

Brittany Bullard, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2018

Fed up with poetry events dominated by men, in 2015 Rheonna Nicole created Lipstick Wars, an all-female poetry slam. A poetry slam is a competition in which contestants compete against each other in several rounds reciting poetry in order to determine a winner. First held in the Bomhard Theater in the Ken...

Kentuckiana community gathers for annual Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular

The sign introducing the event at the beginning of the trail.

Natalie Allen, Staff Reporter

October 15, 2018

Gather your families and celebrate the season with glowing festive pumpkins. The Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular in Louisville is an event that has grown largely over the years, bringing in thousands of visitors each year to view over 5,000 lit pumpkins. The event is available Oct. 9 - Nov. 4. The even...

St. James Court Art Show kicks off in Louisville

St. James Court Art Show kicks off in Louisville

Natalie Allen, Staff Reporter

October 6, 2018

  Start gathering your money to purchase a variety of unique artworks at this year’s St. James Art Show. This year marks the 62nd year of the St. James Court Art Show on Belgravia Court in Louisville. The show is surrounded by old Victorian homes in the Old Louisville neighborhood by 3rd Stree...

Purr, Play, Sip, De-stress

A cat lounge visitor shares a couch with three kittens eager to find their forever home.

Chandler Cooper, Content Editor

August 21, 2018

What happens when you put college students in a room full of kittens for 50 minutes? The pawsibilities are endless. Purrfect Day Cafe opened its doors in Louisville Aug. 8 as the first cat cafe to come to the city. Located in the heart of the Highlands, the cafe serves snacks, desserts, coffee, tea ...

Speakeasy series goes off the beaten path

Photo provided by Mr. Lee's

Macy Allgeier, Social Media Editor

April 24, 2018

Last time, I spoke of speakeasies that you can find in hotels around town — Pin + Proof, a fresh, new speakeasy located in the Omni, and the Rathskeller, located in the Seelbach which holds a ton of historical value. This week I am mentioning two speakeasies that are a little more off the beaten pa...

Border Battles

Border Battles

Tate McGarvey, Staff Reporter

April 19, 2018

Todd Manson, IU Southeast associate professor of psychology, frequently uses the biases which both New Albany and Louisville residents place on one another as an example in his class. Assumptions about both sides of the Ohio River have been made for years, going as far as creating a fear of driving f...

Speakeasy series explores Louisville’s hidden gems

An old-fashioned served at Pin + Proof.

Macy Allgeier, Social Media Editor

April 6, 2018

The year is 1922. I walk in a barber shop, knock a couple times on the wall — it opens. There’s a room with loud music, people dancing and drinking… Drinking? During the prohibition? What is this place…? Ah!   To my surprise there are still many “speakeasies” around the Kentuckiana area. ...

The Aftermath of the 2018 Flood

A lamp post submerged underwater during the flood.

Meleena Richardson, Staff Reporter

March 18, 2018

Hayley Blount, a senior at Clarksville High School, was left without a place to stay while her home, which sits just feet from the Ohio River in old Clarksville, was completely submerged from the inside. “All the furniture got water damage, the water was up to the ceiling on the second floor,” Blount...

The Millennial Business Model

The Millennial Business Model

Jordan Williams, Managing Editor

March 7, 2018

Starting Small Businesses If you are a millennial – an American born between 1980 and 2000- then business matters to you and you matter to business, according to research. A study published in 2017 by America’s SBDC, the association of the country’s small business development centers, emphas...

Yes Louisville: Growing an Empire

CEO of Yes Louisville, Jason Mudd, poses next to his office building wearing a Yes Brand shirt in Nulu, Louisville.

Meleena Richardson, Staff Reporter

March 1, 2018

Positivity is becoming harder to find as our society spins deeper into the depths of controversy and negativity; however, Yes Louisville provides a positive outlook as a safe haven to the Louisville community. Yes Louisville is a positive content based company that strives to uplift its local audi...