Annual event teaches students health awareness

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The Student Program Council held their annual How The Health Are You? event on Nov. 10 in the Hoosier Room and the hallway of University Center South.

The SPC invited local health vendors from southern Indiana and Louisville to showcase what their companies have to offer to prospective IUS students.

The event offered a wide variety of vendors from places like local gyms and mental health hospitals. It also included information on chiropractors, blood pressure, skin care and the harmful effects of smoking and energy drinks.

“We want this to show health awareness,” Keneshia Berkley, biology junior, said. “This gives students information about health practices in the community. We call the vendors about setting up a free promotional booth and they are very excited to come,” she said.

The SPC has a database of vendors they use every year for their event. The event has grown throughout the years because of newer vendors asking to be a part of the health event.

“The vendors that come every year tell other vendors about the event and those vendors will ask if they can have a table,” Channell Barbour, assistant director of Campus Life, said.

“We want students to learn, no matter how busy they are, they should at least take the time out to stay healthy,” Barbour said.

The health event was a hit for some IUS students who took advantage of the opportunity to have their blood pressure checked.

They could also check out the discounted prices for local gyms and have a chance for a free massage.

“I really liked this event, it offered a lot of different health information for students,” Lyle Renfrow, communication freshman, said.

“I like to run and there was a running store booth here at the fair that I didn’t know about until now,” Renfrow said.

Luke Schmoll, general studies senior, said he really liked the event and thought it was a good idea for students.

“This provided us with useful information that a student can adapt into their daily lives,” Schmoll said. “Youth today do not take as good of care of their health as they should. Maybe this event will help open some peoples’ eyes by looking at the information on the food charts the event had.”

The event was helpful for students but it also helps bring recognition to the local businesses that are in this area.

Amanda Reinhardt, Wellstone Regional Hospital marketing operations manager, came to the health event to bring mental health awareness to IUS students.

Reinhardt said Wellstone offers free behavior and health counseling for patients. Wellstone also offers chemical dependency program to help patients detox from drug usage and offers counseling programs for patients.

“Our hospital is made for a person with a busy life but who still needs help,” Reinhardt said.

Wellstone is located in Jeffersonville and was started by Paul Wellstone, a former Kentucky senator.

Cleure, a company, gave students a look at their toxin-free toothpaste, anti-aging skin care and sunscreen products.

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