SGA discusses Internet service

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During the Jan. 28 Student Government Association meeting, two students vented frustrations about the lack of Internet service in the residence halls.

Kathryn Haymon, psychology freshman, and Daniel Murray, philosophy freshman, were upset about being unable to receive Internet access in their lodges.

“In my room it doesn’t work,” Murray said, who lives in Forest Lodge. “Down the hall it doesn’t work. And in the study lounge it doesn’t work.”

Murray said he’s had trouble for three days.

“Sometimes even the Ethernet hook-up doesn’t work,” he said. “It’s pretty much a hit-and-miss.”

The students said they informed the IT Department, but the problem still continues. They said students were having difficulties in Woodland Lodge, Forest Lodge and Grove Lodge.

Jen Crompton, assistant director of Residence Life, said IT is currently working to resolve the issue.

“IT is having difficulty acquiring IP addresses from students’ laptops in the lodges,” Crompton said.

SGA senator Johann Pedolzky, philosophy and political science junior, suggested the students to return next week for updates.

SGA president James Bonsall, business junior, and SGA press secretary Candice Bourdreaux, business junior, met with the campus facilities and environment committees to discuss campus litter, a possible speed bump in the Knobview Parking Lot and accommodations for handicapped students.

Bourdreaux said the committee discussed possibly labeling tables classrooms for disabled students.

The large tables in the rear of many classrooms, as well as a portion of the computers in the University Center hallway, are designated for students with disabilities.

SGA secretary Beverly Raley, international studies junior, attended the Campus Budgetary Advisory meeting on Thursday, Jan. 28. Raley said IU rewarded students more than $780,000 in financial aid this year.

Seuth Chaleunphonh, dean of Student Life and acting director of Residence Life, said he was excited for the Hoosiers for Higher Education event on Feb. 2.

More than 30 students will head to the Indiana statehouse to meet legislators and hear from IU President Michael A. McRobbie and Purdue President France Córdova.

SGA tech officer Ruben Dodge, computer science freshman, said he plans to attend the event.

“Last year, everyone told me they liked it,” Dodge said. “So this year, I want to see what I can learn from it.”


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