Athletic director leaves; spot filled

IUS Horizon

The IUS Athletic Department is now under the control of interim athletic director Joe Glover.

Glover, previously the assistant athletic director, takes on the new role after the resignation of former athletic director Pat Mrozowski.

Mrozowski is now the athletic director at Brescia University.

Glover grew up in New Albany and attended New Albany High School. Glover said he always had a love of sports and realized he wanted to work in the field in junior high.

“It’s always been a passion of mine,” Glover said. “Athletics give people joy.”

Glover has been working in sports in some capacity since junior high school and spent three years broadcasting New Albany High School football and basketball games for WNAS radio.

After graduating high school in 2004, Glover began taking summer classes at Indiana University in Bloomington for sports communication.

Shortly thereafter, Glover was offered a job working in the Sports Information and Media Relations Department at the University of Louisville, but, due to a Lilly Scholarship he was receiving, which paid his tuition to any school in Indiana, he chose to attend IU Southeast rather than forfeit his scholarship.

Glover worked at the University of Louisville for more than a year, serving as part of the game day staff for basketball and football games and as a public address announcer for football games.

Toward the end of his time at the University of Louisville, Glover also began working in the IUS Athletic Department in a marketing and public relations capacity.

After graduating IU Southeast with his bachelor’s degree in business in 2008, Glover was promoted to assistant athletic director.

Mrozowski said he and Glover worked hand-in hand for the IUS athletic department.

“Joe and I shared a lot of the responsibilities,” Mrozowski said. “We did a lot of cross-training.”

Near the end of July, while on vacation with his fiancée, Melissa Kovachik, Glover got a phone call from Mrozowski telling him he was taking the position at Brescia University.  The couple had just gotten engaged and was traveling from horse farms in Woodford County, Ky., to St. Louis.

Glover immediately made a phone call to Ruth Garvey-Nix, vice chancellor of Student Affairs, to speak with her about what was to come.

“She told me to get off the phone and enjoy my vacation,” Glover said.

Afterward, the two spoke and decided that Glover taking over as the interim athletic director was the best way to move forward, considering how close it was to the fall semester and sports.

“We thought it would be hard to bring someone new in,” Glover said. “It was the vice chancellor’s call. She wanted to make sure the athletes got supported.”

Glover said the transition is going smoothly, with the help of everyone involved in the athletic department.

“We’ve got some great coaches and athletic staff who are making it easier,” he said.  “Everyone steps up and makes it work.”

Mrozowski said he thinks Glover is ready to take over the department.

“I don’t think there could be a more qualified person,” he said. “He’s done a lot of the things already.”

Though there was a short window for a transition to take place between Mrozowski and Glover, Mrozowski said he believes Glover could do the job without any transition period.

Mrozowski also said Glover’s student-centered approach and willingness to try to new things as some of the reasons he believes Glover will be successful.

“He’s always been supportive of change in the department,” Mrozowski said.  “He’s very supportive of the student athletes.”

Garvey-Nix said she agrees Glover is ready to be the head of the Athletic Department.

There is no time table in place for the interim tag being removed from Glover’s title or someone else coming in, but, for now, Glover is making sure everything is ready for the upcoming sports seasons.

“I’m doing everything Pat would be doing if he were here,” Glover said.


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