Student Education Association going strong

IUS Horizon

The Student Education Association is a chapter of the National Education Association, which serves educators nationally, and is also affiliated with the Indiana State Teacher Association.

The SEA holds monthly meetings for education students for professional development for points towards graduation.

During the meetings, members watch videos that teach them how to utilize activities or they have guest speakers to talk about the education world.

The Student Education Association is a non-profit organization. They put on functions like the book fair every semester, and last year’s Fresh Fusion.

They take the profits from book sales at the book fair, their biggest fundraiser, and donate them to local schools.

Last year they worked with IUS sororities to stock Clark Memorial Hospital with books for everyone to read.

The SEA has also donated books to the Peace Corps locally and overseas to help start libraries.

“We help build upon the things you are already taught,” Heather Stocksdale, elementary education senior, said. “We also work with the NAFC schools if they need someone.”

The SEA helps out New Albany schools as well as Clark county schools if they need help with field days or substitute teachers.

The organization has service projects outside of the IUS campus such as Read Across America in February. That week they promote reading activities to promote literacy.

SEA also has an Outreach to Teach program that helps local schools around the area. This year’s program will be held in April at Tell City high school. Participants will clean, paint, landscape, and decorate.

“We love to help out local schools any way we can,” Stockdale said.

The Indiana State Education Association throws a fall conference for all members and non-members of the SEA. The conference will be held in Indianapolis on Nov. 7 and 8. There, professionals will come in and help attendees build upon their education knowledge.

They also hold workshops for teachers in training as well as give information about the different grants, scholarships, recruiting and activities available from the SEA.

Being a member of the SEA also has its benefits.

Members receive 10 percent off textbooks from Barnes and Noble, scholarship opportunities, rebates on their NEA dues and professional liability insurance.

Being a non-profit organization, the SEA donates left over money to local charities, such as the Children’s Center, the Angel Tree during Christmas and Noah’s Ark, an adoption organization in Jeffersonville.

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