Renaissance man makes Ind. home

IUS Horizon

Donnie Green has traveled the country and seen many things in his lifetime, but now he is happy to call New Albany and IU Southeast his home.

Green has been working at IU Southeast for two years as the setup coordinator in the Conference and Catering Department as part of IUS Dining Services for events on campus. For guest speakers, fairs, banquets and other events on campus, he is in charge of setting up tables, chairs and equipment.

He came to IU Southeast because his wife of 21 years, Darlene, fell sick, and he got bombarded with medical bills. He heard through a friend that IU Southeast was hiring and offered insurance, which would help with his wife’s illness.

Green came to IU Southeast for the insurance, but he said he stays because he enjoys the job.

“I love all the people [at IU Southeast],” Green said. “You couldn’t ask for a better staff. Everyone on campus is just really good people.”

Along with his job at IU Southeast, Green also bartends for the VFW, which is something he has done for 14 years.

The VFW, also known as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, in a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting military veterans and the community.

On Sundays, he doubles as the cook for the organization. He became a member of the VFW to show support of his father’s service for his country.

He is currently the president of the Men Auxiliary through the VFW. He is also a member of the American Legion, as well as other organizations in the community.

“If there is a club, I’m in it,” Green said. “Anything that shows support for the troops and the veterans, I’m in it.”

In his spare time, Green works for himself doing landscaping. Green’s father had his own tree-trimming business, and after his passing, Green took over his father’s clientele.

Green’s tree-trimming business includes taking down trees along with trimming bushes and other landscaping.

“I like to have my hands in a little bit of everything,” he said. “I never stop.”

Green had a number of different jobs before finding himself at IU Southeast, including working with a traveling carnival.

When Green was 16 years old, he dropped out of high school and joined the William Brothers traveling carnival in Florida.

“It was the worst decision of my life,” Green said. “I thought money was more important than school, and I was wrong.”

The carnival traveled the entire continental United States and also some places in South America.

Green worked as a hot dog and soda vendor for the majority of the four years he spent with the William Brothers.

“It was the most fun job I ever had in my life,” Green said.

Outside of Green’s working endeavors, he said he enjoys spending time with his six grandchildren. He also said he enjoys bringing his grandchildren to campus for children events.