SGA cracks down on member absenteeism

IUS Horizon

The Student Government Association has had problems with senators attending the weekly meetings.

Currently, two members of the SGA, Yana Baker, political science freshman, and Andrew Steele, computer science sophomore,  have been named non-participatory and are currently facing impeachment.

The problem is, even though issues are brought up each week, not enough members have been present to meet quorum, which is the minimum number of members needed for a vote. As a result, the SGA has difficulty dealing with votes.

Jonathan Moody, psychology junior, has been vocal about this issue.

“We are trying to hold individuals accountable, and, as a result, get our current issues addressed,” Moody said.

Other SGA members also expressed frustration because of the inconveniences the lack of quorum has caused.

“The two members that are facing impeachment have not served office hours or been in the meetings for the last two weeks,” SGA president Amanda Denbo, business senior, said.

Denbo had just recently gone through an impeachment process of her own and managed to maintain her current post. Matt Owen, political science sophomore, was one of the leaders in Denbo’s impeachment process.

“You have to be accountable for the position you choose to hold,” Owen said.

Denbo said this is probably just going to be a warning.

“The process will start as soon as Matt gets the paperwork,” Denbo said. “However, we will likely find a reasonable solution.”

Owen said he disagreed and this wasn’t a warning.

The process of impeachment for any senator begins with an arbitration hearing.

“It doesn’t mean we are necessarily voting anyone out,” Owen said. “We just simply have to move forward on the issue.”

Even though a few issues were discussed, there was not a single vote  could be made because of member absenteeism.

However, no members have been impeached so far, but Denbo said it doesn’t mean the SGA has been ineffective in dealing with campus matters.

“The fact that we are holding ourselves accountable says a lot about the way we deal with current issues,” Denbo said.