SGA creates new logo

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A new branding campaign was discussed at the Student Government Association’s summer meeting on June 5.

SGA President Josh Kornberg explained to other members of the SGA why he felt like the organization needed to be re-branded.

“I wanted people to know that we are going to function as a legitimate organization and that the concerns of the student body will be represented in the appropriate manner,” Kornberg said

Matt Owen, political science junior and SGA senate chair, said he agreed re-branding the SGA was a necessary step for them.

“We felt we needed to re-brand the SGA and give it a fresh look and a fresh face so people can see a difference between what the SGA was in the past and what it will be in future semesters,” Owen said.

The SGA’s new tag line is, “One campus. One voice. Defined.”

Owen said members also discussed what to do with the funds they had remaining in their budget.

“We used a lot of money to buy promotional items to start this year strong with Week of Welcome,” Owen said.

He also said if the remaining money in the SGA’s budget wasn’t spent by June 31, they would have lost the money. Members also discussed making themselves more visible to the student body.

“We talked about the way we can come out of the office, like in the commons or outside, so we can make sure people know we are here if they need us,” Owen said. Owen said.

Kornberg highlighted a four pillar plan to be employed during the upcoming school year.

“The four pillars are the four major things I’m going to be working on this year,” he said. “This is a common purpose for the executive branch and the senate to work toward.”

Kornberg’s four pillars include student retention through student involvement, student retention through building university pride, unifying the SGA in order to streamline student’s concerns and come up with actual solutions and setting up a long-term plan to enhance the IUS athletic groups and the athletic building.

“Retention is becoming a huge issue to the administration and to students as well because it has a direct correlation to tuition dollars,” Kornberg said.

Kornberg said he emphasized the third pillar — uniting the SGA with the goal of streamlining student concerns and coming up with viable solutions — because of SGA issues in the past with responding to student’s complaints.

“We hear a lot about parking, smoking and gym hours, so rather than taking those and coming up with an amendment, we want to come up with an actual solution,” he said.

Kornberg said he hopes to get the necessary funds by working with the Development Department to establish a long-term fundraising campaign with the help of a stronger alumni and donor base.

“The goal is to reach out to the community and alumni and rally the troops for something that can benefit not only the university but the community overall,” he said.

Owen said he felt one of the most important topics discussed was how to make the SGA more functional through the student body by increasing day-to-day operations.

“Were going to try to capitalize on the fact that everyone taking First Year Seminar has to come to our office, so we can talk to them and let them know if they have any concerns they can come to us, and we can speak to someone on their behalf,” Owen said.


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