TKE triumphant in kickball tournament

IUS Horizon

The IUS intramural kickball tournament  was won by the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity on Sept. 11.

The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity went up against two TKE teams — TKE black and TKE red — in a double elimination tournament for the title of champion.

The first game started off to a minor delay due to the sorority teams canceling.

After the men’s team got on the field, it was soon discovered that there was not a kickball on hand.

Perry Brown, head of intramural sports and coordinator of the Fitness Center,  raced back to the Activities Building in a Gator and returned with two neon-yellow kick balls. At last, the game could begin.

In the beginning, PKA took the field as offense.

“Hey, at least we’re having fun,” Nathan Spooner, TKE catcher, said.

A PKA kicker slammed the ball through a hole in the TKE defense and the runners from the bases, including the kicker, came flying past home.
PKA claimed victory in the first game.

The pace did not slow down. If anything, it intensified.

Each kicker only gets three rolls to kick, but the team keeps kicking until three outs are called.

TKE used this system to their advantage in the second game, taking control of the score and conquering PKA with quick and aggressive plays, both offensively and defensively.

The score was 6-3 with TKE in the lead. The second game belonged to TKE.

After a little more than an hour, two games of kickball were played and the next would decide the championship.

During a break, the TKE’s black team captain made calls trying to fill out the roster since they had played the first game two men short.

Not long before the end of the break the two additional TKE’s black team players arrived.

A coin was tossed to determine who kicked first, and the players took the field among good-natured insults and criticism.

The PKA offense was aggressive as ever, but couldn’t get as many kicks to bring runners home for scores.

By the bottom of the fourth inning, the score was 5-2 with TKE in the lead.
PKA came back with four runs in a single inning, giving TKE a run for their money.  At one point in the sixth inning, TKE needed two runs to tie with PKA.

Not only did TKE catch up, they forged on to surpass PKA with loaded bases being kicked into home twice and an additional run.

The final score was TKE winning against PKA, 13-7.