Barnes & Noble’s IUS Bookstore sells used IUS computers

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Used computers will be on sale at the IUS Bookstore.
Used computers will be on sale at the IUS Bookstore.

Used computers from around the IUS campus are being sold once again, but there is a different strategy this time.

The sale started on Monday, Oct. 20, in the IUS Bookstore. In the previous years, IT Support and Communications would host the sale for one Friday during the fall semester.

The hours of the sale will be Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The sale will last until all computers are sold. The used computers will be sold for $192.60. Only one computer purchase is allowed per visit.

“We decided to switch from the one day sale mainly because of how many people show up for the sale,” Danny Clements, business senior and IT help desk lead, said. “It took so many people just to staff the event that it just wasn’t as effective as it could be. Having the sale in the bookstore is allowing us to reach more people in a longer amount of time.”

There are some advantages for both students and the general public which are directly related to  the change.

“With the sale going on in the bookstore rather than the one day sale there is more time to buy the computers with less of a rush,” Clements said. “The one day sale was only on Fridays and if you worked on Friday, you were not getting a computer. This gives the students and public more time to buy because of the bookstore hours are more available.”

Nick Ray, director of IT Support and Communications, is pleased the sale is taking place in the bookstore as opposed to the one day sale in the previous years.

“This year the computers are cheaper for students to purchase and it’s going to be more convenient,” Ray said. “The bookstore will handle all the details of the sale, including the man hours it takes to run the sale. The result is a lower price to our students.”  

The bookstore will receive a small stipend for handling the machines and staffing the sale.

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