Authors, artists honored

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Books on display at the Author and Artist Reception.
Books on display at the Author and Artist Reception.

On Thursday, Nov. 6, an author and artist reception took place in the IUS Library on the third floor.

It took place from 2:45 until 4:30 p.m. and was sponsored by the library as well as the IUS Research and Grants Committee.

The reception was to honor the artists and authors on campus.

There were 40 students in the show as well as 48 faculty and staff members.

There was a setup of three different tables with various journals and various art.

The place was packed with more then 20 visitors stopping by to see the art and writings.

The artist and authors were there to talk about their different pieces and how they got started.

Michael Maupin, writing senior, was one of the students that were featured at the reception. He had six different writings in the show, from poems to writings.

“I had no interest in writing,” Maupin said. “I started writing to pursue another career and writing interested me.”

Maupin first had a story published in a magazine when he was 22 years old, before he had a love for writing.

Maupin has his poems and essays in the 2007 IUS review and the URJ as well as in the special edition of the URJ.

Maupin’s pieces are very unique and make you want to keep reading more.

“I love to write now it’s something I have a knack for now,” Maupin said.

Another student in the show was Jana Morgan, literature senior.

She had a couple essays as well as a essay in the show.

She also is the senior editor of the 2008 IUS review and she was the editor in the 2007 review.

“I have always loved to write,” Morgan said. “I have always kept my writing to myself though until here lately, it springs itself on me now.”

The reception had more than 20 journals as well as six art pieces, and one book and magazine article.

The articles ranged from science, health, and mathematics.

David Eplion, associate professor of business, was one of many faculties in the reception.

Eplion had two journals in the show.

One journal entry was done with Kenneth Harris and Ranida Harris about personality. The entry was in the Journal of Behavior. He also had another journal on preventing cheating on online examines.

“I love to write research papers, it has always been enjoyable for me,” Eplion said. There also were also some art pieces there as well.

The art piece that caught the eye was the three photos of the leaves hanging on trees.

Marilynn Whitesell took the photo and the pictures are so real like it looks like you could reached out and touched them. It was a set of three pictures all taken up close where you could see every little detail of the leave.

The last thing that caught the eye was a book by Carl Kramer and the photos taken by his wife. The book was called, “This Place We Call Home.” It was the history of Clark County as well as some pictures to go along.

The book was so big that it would take just a year to get through of all of it.

The reception was crowded with the people of IU Southeast stopping by to see the unique artists that we have right on campus.

It was a nice reception served with punch and cookies and nametags so you could tell whom the people were.

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