Band coach aspires to higher notes

IUS Horizon

Jennifer Spainhour, head coach of the pep band, is a newly hired employee of the IUS Athletic Department since October 2011.

She is also a part-time band director, and she said she provides pep band students with the opportunity to play pop tunes during basketball games and pumping up the crowd with energy.

Joe Glover,  athletic director, spoke about the purpose of pep band performing at games and what they offer.

“Pep bands bring excitement to the game atmosphere,” Glover said. “We want to have exciting games, and the pep band is one way we can improve our fan’s overall experience.”

Glover also said what it feels like to work alongside Spainhour.

“She has lots of experience as a former band director and as a musician.” Glover said. “Her in-depth knowledge of organizing and operating a pep band make her the ideal candidate to lead our program.”

Spainhour talked about what she wants the pep band to do.

“The pep band plays at home basketball games and possibly some baseball games in the spring,“ Spainhour said. “We might also play at other university events.”

Spainhour said her best experience as band director so far is being able to choose what music the band will be playing. She said she enjoys all different types of music.

“Choosing a wide variety of music the crowd could enjoy was a lot of fun,” Spainhour said.

Spainhour said she sparked an interest in band when she was in elementary school.

“In elementary school, I started violin in 4th grade and hated it” Spainhour said “It wasn’t the teacher, it’s just that violin wasn’t for me.”

Spainhour said, when sixth grade came around, she decided to play the clarinet and fell in love with that instrument.

Spainhour also said the experiences she had with band in high school and college helped her advance as a person.

She said it also helped her find long-lasting relationships that she still encounters today.

Spainhour said she comes from a large family of about 60 people.

This summer, Spainhour will be getting married to her fiance Scott, who she met through a music group that is based in Nashville, Tenn.

Right now, the band is working on building a strong foundation for the future. They are rehearsing, fundraising, procuring necessary equipment and recruiting new members.

“A significant thing that makes the IUS pep band stand out from other bands is the fact that we are building this program from scratch,” Glover said. “This is a new program for our university and everyone is working hard to make sure it is a success.”

Spainhour is a Floyd Knobs native, and she said she attended high school at Floyd Central. She also played the bagpipe.
Spainhour said she hopes to become full time band director at a high school in Southern Indiana.

“There is a special atmosphere in the band world that promotes friendly competition and camaraderie between high school bands,” Spainhour said.