New $8,200 mascot unveiled

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New IUS Grenadier mascot
New IUS Grenadier mascot

Prime Time Mayhem was held Nov.11 in the Activities Building.  This was the kick-off for the 2008 basketball season.

The event also served as the unveiling of the new Grenadier mascot.

Pat Mrozowski, athletic director, said the plan for the new mascot had been in discussion since spring ’07.

“The new mascot is a great addition, not just for athletics but for the university has a whole,” Mrozowski said.

The request for the mascot came to the Student Life Committee, which manages the Student Activity Fee. Campus Life and Athletics submitted the joint request for the mascot.

Ruth Garvey-Nix, vice chancellor of Student Affairs, said the funds were not part of the annual budget but from the year-end budget expenses. 

“At the year-end we have additional dollars left, and the committee asked for requests for one time purchases,” Garvey-Nix said.

Garvey-Nix said the initial request was made in the amount of $10,000, however a lower amount was later decided upon.

“The committee approved $7,000 for the one time purchase,” Garvey-Nix said. “Athletics chipped in some also, and total cost for the mascot was $8,200.”

The request was approved under the agreement the mascot would be used at athletic events and also to generate spirit at other campus activities.

Alex Kleppe, advertising senior, agreed with Garvey-Nix, that the mascot could generate more school spirit.

“No one before knew what a Grenadier was in the first place,” Kleppe said.

Kleppe said if the new mascot suit is more utilized and commonly known, that students and fans may have more spirit.

Mrozowski said, our Grenadier was invited last year to the University of Louisville Cardinal’s birthday party, but since the university did not have a mascot, IU Southeast did not attend.

“This encouraged athletics to put the request in,” Mrozowski said.

Garvey-Nix and Mrozowski agree the mascot will be a positive expansion to the university.

Mrozowski said, the suit is well made and will last for years.

Garvey-nix said this would bring awareness to what our school mascot is by having it visible.

“This is a good way to generate school spirit to those being exposed to IU Southeast for the first time,” Garvey-Nix.

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