IUS women beat St. Louis

IUS Horizon

The IUS women’s basketball team brought home a win against St. Louis College of Pharmacy on, Feb. 25.

The game was the first round of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Tournament.

The Grenadiers never fell behind to the Eutectics and brought home the win with a final score of 87-21.

By the first timeout of the game, the Grenadiers led with a score of 12-4.

The score at halftime was 42-13.

With four minutes left in the game, Abby Taylor, sophomore forward, made a 3-point shot, making the score 85-19.

With thirty seconds to go, Brianna Palmer, sophomore forward, shot and made the final score 87-21.

Robin Farris, IUS women’s basketball head coach, said he is looking forward to playing Alice Lloyd or Midway on, Feb. 27.

He is not concerned about the short preparation time.

“We’ve played Midway before and won,” Farris said.  “We might match up better with them, but we also beat Alice Lloyd both times.

Preparation-wise, we will have a practice to prepare for them.  We’ve already beaten Alice Lloyd twice already, and we’ve been looking at the tape of both teams, so I think we’ll be ready for either team that we have to play.”

Farris also said he believes it is just as important to have a good offense as well as a good defense.

“I believe that the best teams I’ve had here have always been good defensive teams,” Farris said. “This has been one of my better offensive teams but it’s not been one of my better defensive teams, so we’ve really focused here in the last month or two trying to work on a bit more practice emphasizing on it more and committing to it more.”

Farris said he thinks commitment and communication is key to a good defensive team.

“A lot of it is committing more sprinting back when the other team gets the ball and communicating better,” Farris said.  “In good defense, you have to talk a lot, you have to talk to each other, and this team sometimes doesn’t communicate real well.”

If IU Southeast is able to get to the finals game, they will be playing against Asbury University.

“I think we know we can beat them if we get there,” Farris said.  “I think we will get there, and we can beat them. Just defensively they are a very good shooting team. We will have to get back quicker on defense.”