Coordinator has high hopes for intramurals

IUS Horizon

The IUS Intramural Program has been growing since June 2006 when Perry Brown, coordinator for the intramurals and the Fitness Center, was hired.

With Brown being the first full-time fitness and intramural coordinator for IU Southeast, he is able to host competitions among students, faculty and staff, including basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, wiffleball, dodgeball, volleyball, tennis, golf and cornhole.

Born and raised in Arlington, Ky., Brown grew up with his twin brother.

Later, Brown graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science and Human Services in 2004. He began working at a recreation center in the city of Henderson, Ky., for a year, and IU Southeast became his workplace ever since then.

Brown said he is looking forward to obtaining an administration position in recreation and sports that will provide opportunity for utilization of his professional strengths, organization and communication skills.

“I love working with the students here at IU Southeast,” Brown said. “I enjoy having students participate in the program and seeing them happy, while being active in a school activity apart from academics.”

Brown said he is hoping for an upgrade of the facilities.

“Campus life is growing, so new and more updated facilities will be great,” Brown said.

Denny Williams, assistant athletic director, said he likes working with Brown because he is a dedicated worker.

“Perry has been working here longer than I have, but, from what I have heard, he is great with the intramurals and above and beyond,” Williams said. “Working with intramural and being that he is head director, it requires a lot of long hours, which does not fit everyone’s schedule. He does a great job balancing his personal life with his occupation, especially being here at IUS at 10 p.m. working. He also does a great job with the student’s and student workers and fits in with the students well. He listens to them, and he is wonderful at gathering events.”

IUS students who are granted the privilege to earn from the work study program can work at the Fitness Center for Brown.

“I have roughly 15 staff members, intramurals officials and also fitness workers,” Brown said. “Intramurals officials are trained in all sports. We have sport events on Thursday and Sunday nights. As for fitness workers, they are to sit in the gym, clean the equipment, make sure everything is going well in the gym and let me know if there are any problems with the equipment.”

Jessica Raymond, communications freshman, is a work study student and staff member of the Fitness Center.

“I love working with Perry and as a work study student,” Raymond said. “My schedule is so flexible, and I am able to concentrate on school and work without stressing.”

Raymond said she enjoys working with Brown and sees him as an older brother.

“The best part about working with Perry is he is always in a happy mood,” Raymond said, “so, when we are in a bad mood, he cheers us up. We are like family here — everyone gets along. I also enjoy the fact he can be a great big brother but also a tough boss. He makes sure we are on time, and we stay on track with our work duties.”

Raymond said she has learned a lot from this job, such as leadership skills and also great customer service.