Volleyball preview – another season begins

IUS Horizon

The women’s volleyball season started off with a loss on Friday, Aug. 22 in the Grace College Classic Tournament against Cedarville University.

They then redeemed their selves at the second game in the tournament with a win against IU East.
Coming back for her third season with the team is coach Carrie Lilly and her assistant coach Angie Buckingham.

Carrie Lilly has been a coach for IU Southeast volleyball for three years now.

This year the team comes back with a team of fourteen and 6 of them are freshmen.

There is only one veteran on the team this year and that is senior Katie Tinsley.

“We are a strong team but a young one this year and there are a couple things we need to work on,” Katie Tinsley said. “The main thing is finding what pumps us up and gets us going.”

“Confidence is always an issue when coming into a college for the freshmen,” Buckingham said.

Lilly said she hope to work on team building.

“We need to find their comfort zone and work on team chemistry and they’ll go good,” Lilly said.

The key players returning to the court this year is Vanessa Stauble, Katie Tinsley, Stacey Flatt and Lindsey Williams.

Williams is a returning player from 2006, she did not play last year.

The key match they are looking at is against Spalding University on Wednesday, Sept. 10, and on Thursday, Oct. 2.

Other key matches are any conference matches, Brescia, Asbury, and Mountain State.

The first conference game of the year is against Berea College on Wednesday, Sept. 24, followed by their second conference game against IU East.

“The team might be mostly freshmen but they bring good defense to the game,” Lilly said.

She also said this team is the strongest team all around in the three seasons she has been here.

They practice every Monday through Saturday with only Sunday to rest.

The next game you can see the volleyball team play is Wednesday Sept. 10 against Spalding University.

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