The Horizon

Mary Kate Hailer

Mary Kate Hailer, Staff Reporter (Spring 2015, 2016; Fall 2014)

My name is Mary Kate, and no I don’t have a twin sister named Ashley. Here is me in 30 seconds, I am a writer for The Horizon and graduate next may at IU Southeast with a degree in Journalism and minor in English writing. I was born in the windy city but raised in Louisville, KY my entire life. I was blessed 4 years ago with an amazing son named Brayden, without him I don’t know where I would be. I love all sports and attend sporting events frequently. After I graduate my dream job is to be a sports reporter or sports writer for a local news station. The sports reporter I look up to the most is Samantha Ponder for ESPN college football and basketball. I have been around sports my entire life and it has grown to be apart of who I am. The sport I have the most passion for is Basketball; my favorite player is Steph Curry who plays for the Golden State Warriors. Outside of writing for the paper, in my free time I enjoy spending time with my son and long-term boyfriend Ryan, watching ESPN and The Bachelor of course. I hope to one day influence others to obtain a passion for sports that I have.

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